List of Offerings

 One hour Individual Session. Full birth chart analysis and how best to harness your energies, with forecasting upon request. At the Inner Makeup Studio; phone or skype availability as well  - $90 

One to One and a Half Hour Couple's Session (Synastry), Friends as well as Romantic Partners and Married Couples - $120

One Hour Birthday Session. The exact date and time of your birthdate is a great tool for forecasting the coming year. Full birth chart analysis included as well -  $90 

Parties and Group Session (3+ people) - Starting at $100 per hour (Includes abbreviated astrological analysis for each group member)

Baby Chart and handwritten essay - $80

Gift Chart and handwritten essay - $80



Skype: Inner Makeup

620 Opelousas Ave. 

New Orleans, LA 70114

Wheelchair accessible from Vallette St.

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