The Greatest Achievement in History


Indian Wells tennis executive Raymond Moore recently fantasized about “getting down on his knees and thanking God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal have carried this sport.” He also wants to “come back in the next life and be someone in the WTA…they don’t make any decisions. They are very, very lucky.” Raymond Moore continued to expound upon the virtues of women, that they are both attractive competitively and physically. It is fascinating that a man who ostensibly possesses power, wealth, and success is fantasizing about being a woman. So the question is, who really holds the power here?

The most notable reproach to his remarks came from Victoria Azarenka, observing that Moore “wouldn’t be here” without women. What a great response! Raymond Moore is fatigued by the beauty, power, and strength of the female body as evolved throughout history and art as fluid, curvaceous, and attractive, capable of not only bearing and rearing children, but arguably sparking the agricultural revolution that allowed humans to leave primitive roots of hunting and gathering for a more sustainable lifestyle filled with leisure time and homesteads. The creations of men can only come through women. Had we not evolved sexually, we would reproduce asexually, like aqueous organisms, without the complementarity of the sexes. Women would theoretically have no need for men.

For the past few thousand years with metal, modern warfare, explosions in population, and the subsequent industrial revolution, men have held the torch and responsibility of expansion and progress, but who can argue with Victoria’s point? When men go to war, they, for many millennia, “fought for her.” They “fought for the motherland.” Recent history has been about war and kisses, the sweet, deadly caress of the feminine touch to the triumph and agony of conquest and defeat. None of us would be here without women. We also wouldn’t be here without male prowess, aggression, and drive, and as my mom always says, it takes two to tango.

What men like Raymond Moore are having trouble with right now is that there have been advances made by women in the last hundred years, in part because men allowed them to occur! No fault divorce and the pill opened the floodgate for women to make the advances that we have currently seen. Assuaging biology, child rearing is now optional, and important feminist reappraisals of female contributions throughout history have flowered. These technological and biological realities coupled with the crumbling of traditional industrial, male-centered industries have Raymond Moore crying at night, that he wants to be a woman, and in Freudian terms, longing to return to his mother.

The Economist recently wrote an article detailing how men are in trouble, and they must learn to adapt, just as Darwin would have suggested. Economies in developed countries are moving towards more and more technological, creative, and service-based industries that favor women. It only makes sense that Raymond Moore wants to put on a dress and flaunt himself because who wouldn’t? If you can have it all sans children, post Griswold vs. Connecticut, the Supreme Court case that legalized birth control, wouldn’t you rather be Serena Williams than Raymond Moore?