+ My Approach

Here at Inner Makeup, I approach astrology differently. Through astrological charting, the application of critical spiritual and artistic texts, and tarot, your spirit is allowed to emerge providing the best analysis possible. An Inner Makeup session will help guide you towards greater self-discovery in understanding day-to-day interactions, considering career pursuits, and navigating new life directions.

+ Consultation

Inner Makeup offers individual, couple's, and group reading sessions. In each session we will:

  1. Allow ample time for you to express what's going on in your world, and come to a better understanding of why it's happening, spiritually
  2. Explore your spiritual DNA based upon astrology and a host of spiritual and artistic texts
  3. Facilitate discussion based on your questions or topics of choice
  4. Draw tarot cards for dessert

Pricing for services are listed here.

+ Compatibility

In relationships, understanding how you relate to one another is key to finding success. Inner Makeup offers synastry, comparing the spirituality of your astrological chart to the chart of your partner, potential partner, and other types of relationships as well. An Inner Makeup synastry reading is a great date night and will help shed light on the opportunities and challenges facing a relationship.