Inner Makeup is a unique practice created by Dan Beck. Through the application of Dan's creative intuition and knowledge, Inner Makeup goes deeper than your horoscope. Dan focuses on helping you rediscover and elevate your spirit, relationships, and life circumstances by analyzing astrological, symbolic, and spiritual phenomenon.

The Inner Makeup Family

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Dan Beck

Life Coach, Spiritual Consultant, Astrologer

Dan founded Inner Makeup after his clients expressed a desire to explore the deeper aspects of spirituality. Imagining a more holistic way of delivering spiritual services, Inner Makeup is a new spiritual practice that offers outstanding results. Formerly a classical musician, non-profit entrepreneur, sales and marketing director, and makeup artist, Dan now devotes his days to helping his clients understand how they can best move forward with the knowledge of their individual Inner Makeup.


Inspiration, Love, Norwich Terrier

Jackie arrived into Dan and James' life in October 2007, a result of a 6 month hunt for the world's cutest, most handsome dog. Eight years of age, Jackie is descended of champion Norwich stock and is considered by many to be the most loving dog in the world. Jackie can often be found in the Inner Makeup offices commenting on work, products, and ideas.

James Filtz

Business, Finance, Controller

James cofounded Inner Makeup with Dan after realizing an untapped market for new spiritual services. With his background in luxury event sales, James creates life-long memorable experiences for his audiences. Through these talents he is able to support the mission of Inner Makeup by ensuring that each customer's experience is a memory worth repeating. 


Juli Beck

Art Director, Business Intelligence

Juli is a magical Pisces with an emotionally ambitious Capricorn moon finished by a fiery, athletic Aries ascendant. Thus she is able to translate Inner Makeup's concepts and ideas into form and structure. While Juli enjoys the dreamy realms of her native Pisces, she excels in the sciences, having taken a degree in cognitive science and speech pathology from the University of Delaware, honors, and a graduate degree from James Madison University. Juli moonlights for Inner makeup while she helps people find their voices as a speech pathologist.