People ask me, “How did you become an astrologer?” It goes back to my third grade teacher Mrs. Rand who inspired me with the Greek myths and planets which form the basis for much of astrology. That was the seed planted though the intervening years ushered me through many labels. But the stars always beckoned. I’m in love with astrology’s divine ability to connect the heavens with everyday events and one’s spirit.

Inner Makeup is My Astrology Practice

Inner Makeup is a Sacred, Protected Temple in New Orleans, Louisiana  

Inner Makeup is Your Essential, Spiritual Nature

When you come to your Inner Makeup session, expect to get in touch with who you truly are. I’ll help you align your energies, review what’s been happening, and forecast what to expect down the road. Besides live sessions, Inner Makeup also offers a variety of products.

Inner Makeup is for artistic purposes only, a creative approach to astrology, and is not financial, legal, business, medical, or psychological counsel. I accept no liability for client actions based upon the services rendered in Inner Makeup sessions or products.