+ What is Inner Makeup?

Inner Makeup is an evolving spiritual practice, created by Dan Beck. It is also the historic location that is the sacred space of Inner Makeup, a former Masonic Temple. Lastly, Inner Makeup is your inner compositon, who you are, the sum of your energies and gifts, and how they might be applied in this lifetime.

+ Who is Dan?

I'm a creative professional trained at New England Conservatory and Yale University. I decided to dedicate myself fully to this work when I realized people felt uniquely comfortable engaging in spirited conversation with me informed primarly by astrology but also the classical myths, religion, and various forms of art, litertature, and music. I now focus on Inner Makeup, writing, guarding the hearth, and supporting my husband, James, and Norwich Terrier, Jackie.

+ How did Inner Makeup get started?

I founded Inner Makeup in 2014 after I rediscovered my talent and passion for spirituality. While I was working with clients, colleagues, friends, and families in a variety of capacities, I discovered people were searching for something more than what I was selling or performing for them. They wanted to learn about their Inner Makeup.

+ Why do I need Inner Makeup?

To better understand who you are and how best to express your unique, divine spirit. By discovering your Inner Makeup, you can better navigate through life, live the way that best suits you, and have fun in the process.

+ Are you a psychic?

Some people say I am. I choose to identify as an astrologer and spiritual consultant.

+ Do you predict the future?

I forecast and give possible outcomes for the future based on a variety of factors. Astrological charting that takes into account the present circustances and possible outcomes. We will discuss all of the above when the question is asked and understood. I interpret and describe astrological phenomena, have intuition about what might happen, and use that information as a series of guide posts, but the present moment, and your ability to harness its power is much more effective than "predicting" what will happen. Moreover, there are so many examples throughout history of how trying to "control" the future ends up with disastrous consequences.

+ Do you talk with the dead?

I generally choose not to communicate with the dead. However, if you're grandmother happened to be a Cancer, for example, it can be good to discuss her spirit and personality in an astrological context less so than direct communication.

+ Are these sessions confidential?

Absolutely, and I have no desire to share your personal information, as it would be a serious breach of trust. All that is said in an Inner Makeup session is strictly confidential.

+ Where can I go for an Inner Makeup session?

My studio is based out of New Orleans, LA, in the historic Algiers Point neighborhood, in a former Masonic Temple, a sacred space, but I do hold public events frequently and travel as well. Check out our the Moon Messages blog to see where we are. I do house calls for the right situation. Lastly, I do skype and phone sessions.

+ Do people see results with Inner Makeup?

Often times, yes, especially when I realized I was doing this work for friends, family, and colleagues, helping them achieve success and happiness in their lives. Most people report gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, who they are, and how best to apply the energies with which they've been gifted. They feel a fix of relief, peace, joy, elation, love, and gratitude.

Below are some testimonials from past Inner Makeup clients:

"You are the best I've ever talked to." -J.T. "The level of your service was not lost on me." -G.M. "You have such a calming presence." -O.D. "That's pretty much me in a nutshell." -M.R.

A quick googling of "Inner Makeup" or a glance on our Facebook page will yield examples of others who have experienced an Inner Makeup session and what they have to say.

+ What does your astrology chart say about you, Dan?

My chart uniquely qualifies me for this work. I have a Sun in Virgo, associated with the purity of thought, healing, analysis, and service, I have a Scorpio ascendant, meaning I'm very intuitive and am great with change activation and transformation, and I possess a Gemini moon, meaning we'll have fun along the way!

+ How can I book a session?

You can book a session by calling 504-313-8706. Please have your birth time and location ready as that will help me calculate and interpret your chart ahead of time. More information and pricing is available under the "Contact Us" page.