Welcome To Moon Messages for Saturday


There’s no way around it—Saturn’s Day, or Saturday is about restriction, limitation, and the requiring of discipline. This is not always bad, as ancient cultured venerated Saturn, for with discipline and restriction flows abundance. For the past couple of years, though, since late 2017 Saturn has been at home demanding the discipline he requires. This is coupled with the breaking down of traditional structures which we cling to and that also hold in place past demons that were never purged. Hence Saturn is a great day to restrict yourself. Sober contemplative reflection and rest are in order, as you’ve probably had a sweet time the night before. If you like, go out in the evening, but reserve the day for rest. Generally activities that engage the mind such as reading and writing are recommended but not activities that arouse the passions. Even work that is physical such as physical labor is ill-advised. You’ll thank yourself later for this, as Saturn demands you put down the hoe so when you do take it back up, you’ll have the discipline to truly do some great work.

Welcome To Moon Messages for Friday


Friday, Venus’ Day, emphasizes love, sweetness, and in this case, balance. You find good fortune here being judicious in matters concerning relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Following a higher-minded, beautific approach is the way to go and will harmoniously and expansively cast you into the future you seek. Of course the other competing drive will be the simmering, war-like energy of Mars that is not as potent as it would like to be but can still wreak havoc nonetheless. Libra, you’re in your natural, balance-seeking element today, so enjoy. Scorpio, if you don’t retreat and seek the treasure of potential of balance, it will undo you. Sagittarius, you have the opportunity to make gains with a peaceful evening amongst friends. Capricorn, instead of worrying about the changes that are occurring in your life and how to construct new structures around that change, making judgments and seeking balance amongst your options is the way to go. Aquarius, you have the ability to travel, but through a romantic partnership as opposed to relying on your usual heady visions. Pisces, seeking balance means making the judgments you’ve been avoiding to get your head in the game. Aries, while you’re the most potent you’ve been in some time, remember that even you have an emotional need to relate to others in a balanced, harmonious fashion. Taurus, though you’re the most grounded of all the zodiac signs, you need to make some moves in matters of money lest you get in fights over your own resources which is never good. Gemini, this is prime time for romance that will nourish and feed your soul. Cancer, you’ll be glad to hear that the moon wants you to stay in for the evening. Leo, though self-expression is your preferred mode of communication, relational communication is the way to go this evening. And Virgo, though you’re constantly analyzing and fretting over details, remember to reach out to others and they will help you rise to the stars.

Welcome To Moon Messages for Thursday


Happy Thursday, Jupiter’s Day, and watch it go! A jovial spring has awakened to the season of Aries, the spring equinox, so all the fire signs will be ablaze—Aries, the driving self; Sagittarius the romantic; and Leo taking flight in travels. Though the sky is ablaze, the moon specifically through Libra demands emotional balance with all the fire. But intellectual airs often fuel the flames and structure is needed where the mind fails, even if prior structures have been failing. Capricorn and Aquarius help here. Pisces runs the risk of normative self-sacrifice but her water will help douse the flames when needed and Cancer can nurture us as week seek temperance through fire and water. Scorpio is grounded out a bit but will be called to break down the structures that no longer serve. Gemini benefits the most from the aforementioned balance especially through futuristic visions of romance and it might be Virgo carrying the analytical and logical burden who best rides the roiling flames.

Welcome To Moon Messages for Wednesday


As I wrote about yesterday Mars’ Day, you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with regard to some of the action you’ve been taking with regard to your finances. You’re having to put your mind towards the future while knowing things are perfect in the present, but you’re still unclear about where things are going. That’s ok. The path to the future isn’t as clear as we’d like it to be, and it doesn’t run on our time. You’re advised to put your mind to “letting go” and trusting that you’ve made the right moves. This is Mercury’s day, emphasizing communication, thoughts, and short journeys, and a little daydreaming will do you well. Strangely this helps you feel better about your money situation as taking your mind off it will help. Today is about clarifying your mind even if that means suspending its machinations. By doing that you’ll allow the work you’ve been doing to come to fruition.  

Welcome To Moon Messages for Tuesday


It’ll happen later in the day, but your stalled efforts with regard to money and resources will show some signs of lightening up. This will culminate by the beginning of April. Taurus will be especially feeling this, and the relief is a welcome change. Virgo will benefit although you’ll be feeling the need to get your head in order. Capricorn, you’ll be required to make some changes regarding your past institutional investments and are advised to make the most logical, rational decisions that will put you in a better state of mind. Aries you’ve been making gains with your money the past couple of months using your normal sheer strength, and your other fellow fire sign, Sagittarius has been having a good year financially anyways. Leo, the way this has been manifesting for you is with some skirmishes at work over finances, but again this clears up by early April. Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, this day will bring you some needed clarity and structure to your finances as your money has been involved with the social spaces of your friends, relationships, and siblings. You may have to let go of some fights around money. Tuesday, Mars’ day, is an active, fiery day so use the energy to continue the work you’ve been doing to greater financial gains, and don’t get caught up in skirmishes and battles that will ultimately bring you down.

Welcome To Moon Messages for Monday

You have a hard, clear vision of a future that is sweet and dreamy at its best. This involves your love life and friendships and may be a social media affair. But you also have a deep need for self-expression that is a daily, driving concern of yours. The fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius feel this the most and benefit from seeking a more balanced, harmonious approach. Earth signs Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn will do fine in this realm of love in friendship if they’re open to adjusting their approaches and go with the flow, even if that means accepting surprises and changes that pop up. Water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, will be in their natural, watery realm today as it’s the Moon’s Day, complete was the usual emotive fluctuations, but have good fortune when they don’t get so lost in those emotions. This is the path the moon has written for y’all to make the gains you seek this Monday.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Saturday

astro 400 2.jpg

Saturday is Saturn’s Day, Samedi, hence the word saturnian. Saturday is limitation, restriction, discipline, and conservatism. Sounds like a downer, right? But Saturn is the necessary taskmaster of the zodiac, and Judaism exemplifies this most profoundly by celebrating the Sabbath. You can also pay heed to Saturn by limiting or restricting yourself today rather than springing off as the weekend warrior. It’s a feeling, moody, homey day that is more designed celestially for emotive nurturance and self-expression than serious study. You make gains here and being too hard a taskmaster unto yourself will ground you out. Again you might feel the urge towards a weekend getaway to another country but these fantasies are best kept in dreams. However that does not preclude you having a local tryst that is deeply transformative. Why travel hundreds of miles to get an Instagram post when you can have good fortune right at home?

Welcome To Moon Messages For Friday


Phew it’s the end of the week, Venus’ Day, Vendredi. Named after the Norse Goddess Frigga, Venus asks us to engage in the sweet pleasure of life that often comes in relation to others—love. This is a most welcome occurrence as the week has waxed tensely. The moon finds herself in a much more nurturant, forward looking position. A poke of Dionysus, the God of wine and ritual madness, is in order. In fact Venus demands as much and squares off against all of the assertive activity of the week. This activity has been debilitating and Venus doesn’t quite have the authority in this case to make you slow down, but it is recommended. Regardless, today love reigns supreme. This just might surprise you and even better, expand your horizons.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Thursday

Thursday is It’s Jupiter’s day! Jeudi. Luck, belief, expansion, and potentially indulgence come to the fore. This is traditionally the most fortunate day of the week. So how will you make the best of this? The need to think and communicate, the seeking of new horizons, and the will to dream square off today. These three actions at first don’t seem mutually exclusive, but they do require work to integrate and will be helped by benefic Jupiter. This will be tense but the triangulation between these three themes as opposed to squaring off and opposing each other will be the key. You will forge a connection between your conscious mind and your dreams, what you perceive and what you don’t know, and rocket yourself by believing in this process. This is poetic, illusory, and spiritual in nature but only when you believe in this process shall your truly expand and succeed. Dive into the mysteries of your soul and see what comes up, but have the discipline to let your mind wander while believing in this process. You’ll need a friend(s) or partner(s) to help you in this effort ironically somebody who might not be your natural ally, but tension gets the friction going that your experiencing right now. It’s just a matter of how you use that friction.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Today Wednesday

Wednesday is Mercury’s day, Mercredi. planet of thought and communication, but you’re mind and thoughts are fallen today. You’ve entered a hazy realm that is at best daydreaming and at worst lack of focus. The part of you that wants to powerfully ride on is confused by a mind that is off the rails. Part of this is due to prior wounding—subconscious fears that are holding you back. Pain and fear don’t always have to be downers. When there’s a problem in a musical, there’s always a song around the corner. Instead of being bogged down, break out into a beat and song! Put on your favorite record! That will jumpstart your energies and get them flowing where you need them to be going. And definitely make sure to include others in your childlike merriment. You have a deep need for this today even if things are heavy. Let love win out even if it’s the love that will reign in the future and not today. In order to get to the future you believe in you have to dream. But only through having your head in the game will those dreams come true.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Today Tuesday

Astrology 400 1.jpg

Today is Tuesday, Mardi or Mars’ Day. Remember yesterday’s sweet fluid emotive talk about growing while letting go? You have a few hours left to for that. Now the chips are down and you must act. You’re going to have to work it. And not that you can’t. There’s some great flowing energy available to work the ground underneath your feet. Pick up your plow as the game has changed. You’re going to have to strategize and realize that your mind and feelings need to come together, something that’s difficult this month with Mercury retrograding and in a hazy state of mind. Strategy, action, and work all need to come together without overthinking things—not an easy task and your impulses may be angry or violent. Discipline is key as anger is best channeled into sheer physical tasks. Make sure that pure physical activity is a cornerstone of your long-term ambitions. This will help clarify any unclear thinking that may be bogging you down. You’re still in your initial baby growth phases and are just starting to see the fruits of your labor sprout. But it’s going to take some more work both by the hand and the mind to see the fruits of you labor start working for you.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Monday March 11th 2019

Happy Monday, the Moon’s Day. Emotions, water, messaging, and femininity are emphasized. As water is the building block of all life, cycles of growth and decay come to the fore. You will you grow when you get in touch with those watery materials of which you are comprised. This will present a particular challenge for earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn as your natural impulse is to stay grounded, but for water signs such as Cancer and Scorpio, there is a real chance to expand your horizons and act on creative impulses. These are deeply fluid realms and the other water sign, Pisces, will have to watch out for letting your mind dissolve into dreams. But the overarching theme is building on what you have while allowing new structures to emerge. Letting go of the old is hard especially when there are so many things to hold on to, but the alternative is to dream wildly and ride into the sunset with reckless abandon, casting yourself on a foolhardy odyssey. Fire signs Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo will be feeling this but are warned to think about career and finances before making any rash moves. The mind prevails today though it will be watery and mysterious. The air signs, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius reject this kind of thinking but it is they who may triumph

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Venus’ path around the sun that forms Pentagram. From Arielle Guttman’s  website . She has pioneered an extraordinary reinterpretation of Venus.

Venus’ path around the sun that forms Pentagram. From Arielle Guttman’s website. She has pioneered an extraordinary reinterpretation of Venus.

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Skincare in the Age of Aquarius

Image from fresh.com

Image from fresh.com

Fresh is one of the few cosmetics companies to use astrology in their product development and marketing. One way they’ve applied this technique is to name their famous lip treatment after the signs. For example, my husband recently received an e-mail about an Aquarius lip treatment. Aquarius is the sign of the future, and the formula matches the sign. They include a smart ingredient called Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate that is an oil soluble version of Vitamin C. Since the lip treatment is largely comprised of deeply nourishing oils, this is a futuristic, technologically advanced ingredient that will yield long term results, like the sign Aquarius! It also contains sunscreen to protect from future damage, another Aquarian theme. 

I remember first trying the Fresh lip treatment over a decade ago and was impressed by its unique texture and moisturizing ability. All of these years later, I still believe it to be one of the best. I guess Lev and Alina, the founders of Fresh, were thinking about the future all along, and honoring their Aquarian vision as the water bearers that they are. Purchase this wonderful product.

The Astrology of Romance Writing

I was recently engaged to give a talk to romance writers on the topic of astrology. In fact I will be giving a talk on the evening of Valentine’s Day the topic being astrology’s take on romance. All of this romance talk prompted my husband to suggest I reach out and interview a favorite writer of his, Anyta Sunday, who uses astrology in her romance novels. Below is the interview with links to her books.

Trumpeting Spirit

My father visiting the Central Synagogue and Museum in Germany

My father visiting the Central Synagogue and Museum in Germany

Son Trumpeting

Son Trumpeting

My father recently entered the magnanimous Philosopher King phase of his life. He is trumpeting his spirit and I had also trumpeted for many years in the medium of classical trumpet playing. What is a son but an extension of the father? Below is a brief meditation he wrote.

As a young boy I was interested in music featuring the trumpet and the shofar. I remember going to High Holiday Services looking forward to hearing the Shofar Blasts. Rabbi Kaplan always visited the youth service looking for volunteers to blow the Shofar. I always raised my hand. I wanted to blow the Shofar at the High Holiday Service, but it was a yearning I kept to myself. Coincidentally

I received an email from Rabbi Gerber saying he had heard I could blow the Shofar and our synagogue was in need this year. I had studied the trumpet and still possessed a Shofar my parents purchased when they had visited Israel. While I was interested, playing the Shofar at home and playing the Shofar on our holiest day in front of fellow congregants was a wholly different matter. I asked the Rabbi if we could meet for an audition and proceeded to tell him the background of my playing. I told him I was about to retire partly due to a successful heart operation that had me looking at the miracle of life differently. I had gone through a personal process of discovering my priorities—family, health, faith—and was trying to keep them in a positive perspective. Retiring is a scary phase in one’s life. I was also looking for a new purpose when the email from Rabbi Gerber came.

So on the second day of Rosh Hashanah I stood with our congregation and proudly blew the Shofar. My heart raced and I was extremely nervous. It felt like when I was called to the Torah in the same Synagogue in September 1969, 49 years ago. I was able to take my new found purpose and perform this time honored ritual so important to our faith. 

My brother in law Rabbi Novoseller of Beth Tovim then asked if I could play the final Shofar blast at Neilah where my family celebrates break the fast, and so I did. 

I did not realize the importance of the Shofar, until so many people came up to me saying that they thoroughly enjoyed the sound of my playing. I felt honored.

After the High Holidays I then traveled to Munich where my wife Leslie and I toured the The Central Synagogue and Jewish Museum. A part of the museum featured a Shofar to teach the Jewish Rituals. I asked our German guide if I could blow the Shofar and he immediately said “please do.” The sounds echoed through the Museum, and I can now say I am an international Shofar player.

As I finish my career I am starting to re-define my purpose which now includes playing the Shofar.


The Best Planetary Shift That's Happened as of Late

One of the most watched events in astrology is when a planet, especially a planet that appears to move more slowly, shifts into a new sign. Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. When a planet moves into a new sign you can look for some kind of shift, event, or change. Jupiter is the greatest of all benefics, expanding anything he touches generally bringing luck and good will. Jupiter embodies philosophy, religion, belief, spirituality, and higher learning so with Jupiter moving into his home sign of Sagittarius, look out for a big shift for the better. Astrology is only as good as what you do with it as suggested through the psychological underpinnings of the great body of work of Alan Leo. Incidentally he was friends with the composer Gustav Holst who wrote the famous piece The Planets one of the most famous movements being his Jupiter movement. Also Mozart wrote a Jupiter movement. Both pieces are upbeat, optimistic, and especially with the Holst, spiritual. Look below to see how you can think about benefitting from Jupiter this next year or so, but don’t think too much. Jupiter does not like to think; he believes.  

Aries: Expect a shift for the better with higher learning, travel, and spirituality.

Taurus:Look for an expansive succession of deeply regenerative sexual experiences and also get lucky in the area of your financial contracts with others.

Gemini: Expand in your area of partnerships, relationships, and how you intersect with the public. 

Cancer: Watch your health and daily working conditions improve this year.

Leo: You ride high on your creative, erotic, and romantic spirit. 

Virgo: Things get better for you on the home front.

Libra: You’re able to expand in the area of communications and your relationship with your siblings gets a boost.

Scorpio: You get a boost in your finances this year.

Sagittarius: You yourself are on fire so strut your stuff. 

Capricorn: You retreat to a monastic space this year and expand there.

Aquarius: You expand through your friends and social networks this year. 

Pisces: Your career jumps this year.