Your Weekly Inner Makeup

Die hard Inner Makeup devotee, Lynn, with Inner Makeup founder, Dan

Die hard Inner Makeup devotee, Lynn, with Inner Makeup founder, Dan


Every week, Inner Makeup meets at Stabucks in Amity, CT. It's a great place to gather, conveniently located right off of I-15 and is situated at the base off West Rock Ridge State Park. We discuss the moon's movement over the week, planetary alignments, and how this all fits into each member's life. Each member also has a chance to express what this all means to him or her. Lynn is one such member. A devoted attendee, she comes almost every week, and this ultimately led her to book an individual Inner Makeup session. I've loved having Lynn in the group, as it's been wonderful to get to know her both socially and through her chart. It's one of the great joys of what I do. She encouraged me to publish a poem that came to me before the meeting on Sunday, reflecting on a fiery explosion of an Aries Full Moon, waning into Taurus, and then shifting downward to Cancer, then Gemini. 

A Burst, A Blast

Full Moon in Aries

A Firework Explodes

And now we collect

The Glimmering Ashes

A Start but a Climax

A Release, An Apex

What Do We Have?

What Do We Own?

What Do We Play With?

What Do We Call Home?

Inner Makeup meets every Sunday at 10 AM in Woodbridge, CT. Click the map above for directions. To book your individual Inner Makeup session get in touch with us by clicking the "Contact Us" tab.