How to Read Jay-Z and Beyonce and Why

We are bombarded by millions of images, words, and sounds every day, a prerequisite of contemporary living. How are we to make sense of the multitudes of stimuli? One could do worse than look at the world from a spiritual vantage point. Take for example, the marriage of Jay-Z and Beyoncé and her latest album release, Lemonade. How might you process Beyoncé and Jay-Z coming into your world? I humbly offer you an entreaty, an invitation to look at the world, or your smartphone, through an astrological lens.

Beyoncé is a Virgo. She was born where the summer ends and the fall begins. Virgos are notorious for their discriminating and perfectionist tendencies, and we see no less of this embodied in Beyoncé with a sterling, curated image and carefully executed career maneuverings. Virgos also are known for their service-oriented nature. Virgos collect the harvest at the end of the summer, selecting only the most beautiful fruits and vegetables and separating the wheat from chafe. Thus Virgo’s are quite isolated yet service oriented, collecting the fruits of the harvest for the greater good.

Here we find Beyoncé. The ancient definition of Virgo simply meant “belonging to no man.” While being a virgin does have a purely sexual connotation in modernity, it had a much more social understanding in antiquity, that a woman “belonging to no man” was independent, not necessarily “pure” in a sexual sense. We even find this ethos in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, where he scarcely describes women at all; rather he tends to everything men need to do to be proper husbands. Even in strict, orthodox Jewish law, women’s obligations and duties are scant compared to men. So, the idea of being a “virgin” or “Virgo” is quite challenging because one is duty-bound yet independent.

How does Beyoncé manage this in her marriage? Her husband is a Sagittarius. Sagittarians are the fiery archers, blunt, optimistic, and unafraid. In Beyoncé Jay-Z finds an able partner who may direct and help shoot his arrows through her service and logic. Remember, Virgos are very practical and discriminating. He feels that he has hit the jackpot--and he has! Virgo (Beyoncé) is elated to have her services needed so wantonly, yet still despairs at not having the independence she may seek. And therein lies the rub. As much as Virgo endures, being a very earthly sign, Virgo cannot persist without serving others. She cannot persist without serving her audience, and she cannot persist without the strain of hard, backbreaking work.

So, where does this leave their partnership? From a career standpoint, it’s a wonderful union. On a personal level Virgo (Beyoncé) feels underappreciated, even though she may deeply covet this martyrdom. She may benefit from a partner who understands her pains, and who may not display such unbridled optimism as the Sagittarian Jay-Z. But as it stands, Sagittarius (Jay-Z) might just be a great foil for the supremely talented, industrious Virgo, in spite of and because of the pains she takes.