No is OK for Britney, and Your Week


Did you start the week off bright eyed and optimistic but are now finding yourself on somewhat of a tight rope? Are you caught trying to balance competing goals, ideas, and strategies? Maybe you’ve even abandoned some of your early week planning. No fear; we have a full moon coming up in Saggitarius, so we can be grateful for what we have and what we have done, casting away those misfires and still shooting for the moon. Maybe we should heed the warning, though, that over planning and optimism has its limits. Britney Spears should know.

Britney has fired untold, innumerable arrows, being an optimistic, searching Saggitarius, the archer. When Britney first stepped on the scene, she was seventeen, and she was Miss American dream, her “own” words. It takes a ton of faith and optimism to conceive and achieve such stardom. Saggitarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of faith, luck, and optimism, and it is a planet comprised entirely of gas. Thus for all its grandeur and joy there is an artifice to the behemoth like that of smoke and mirrors, an apt analogy for Britney’s life and career. Saggitarians can’t help but get lucky because they believe in luck. Take for example Thanksgiving which falls in the beginning of Saggitarius. After the violent transformation of Libra into Scorpio, we give thanks in Saggitarius, even with the ensuing darkness of winter. And here we find Britney. Even with all of the successes, adulation, and celebrity, she’s struggled to find her footing. Even though her head is still wondrously in the stars, she is not on solid ground.

This brings us to her current situation, and maybe ours too. Does her court appointed conservatorship actually benefit her? Yes. Saggitarians can benefit from structure and limitation, as maybe we can with our own plans and optimism. While Saggitarians are generally beloved, they also fall prey to their untoward optimism, idealistically thinking that everything will turn out all right. This certainly has its benefits, that what we believe comes true as a prophecy, but it is also prudent to be careful what we wish.

As it stands Britney is not allowed much of the unbridaled freedom marked by her native Saggitarius, but she is allowed to continue firing away, working at a much more manageable pace while maintaining her sanity. Maybe now that she’s better learned to aim, her formidable arsenal can truly fulfill her dreams by achieving a new status of American hero. Maybe the rest of us too will realize the limits of our dreams are just as important as the dreams themselves.