How It Gets Better

How does It Get Better? We’ve told by the It Gets Better Project that we shouldn’t worry, our best days are ahead, that whatever is difficult in life shall pass and is temporary. This is an incomplete picture as to how things get better. For things to get better, it means they have to have been bad or even worse before. In fact this is the binary that permeates nearly all of Western culture. Things are bad, and then they break for the better. We don’t enjoy the peace that Eastern cultures aspire to; rather we ebb and flow, seek and destroy, rise and fall. Yes, rise and fall. Just like the craze of Dionysus as contrasted with the blazing of Apollo. Just like the crucifixion of Jesus and his subsequent rise. Just like the season of Pisces that magically breaks from the bleakness of winter into spring. So yes it’s bad. But it will get better. However, one has to start with madness, death, hopelessness, and despair, to then experience the ecstasy of redemption. To circumvent that step would mean that, no, it doesn’t get better; it had never gotten anywhere in the first place.