Poem: Oh Woman, Oh Woman

Oh Woman, Oh Woman

May I take Thee?

‘Tis only through You

That I shall be freed


Your bosom, your cheeks

Your hair, your lips

Are wondrous extensions

Of your curvaceous hips


Oh Woman, Oh Woman

To whom I adore

Tread carefully now

I do implore


What Ye seek

Ye shall find

Already possessed

In Ye heart and mind


Your Beauty, Your Power

Your Divinity Sublime

Are no match

For my cards, tricks, and pantomimes


Beware, Oh Woman

I cannot give Thee

What a true man can give

So a woman shall be freed


Children, a home

All flow from man’s seed

That he sweats to build

And give to Ye


You are the house he builds

That man molds for Ye

He knocks on the door

To ask for entry


I have no seed, no muscle

No strength to proffer

Only smoke and mirrors

At your behest, I offer


But worship you so

Oh Woman, I do

Won’t you please let me have Ye?

For I love you.


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