Two Aries, Two Hearts, Love on Fire

Michelle and Olivia, two Aries. Makeup by Inner Makeup. Photography by Sam Chyung

Michelle and Olivia, two Aries. Makeup by Inner Makeup. Photography by Sam Chyung

I was fortunate to recently participate in the wedding of Olivia Dupin and Michelle Gruppe. I’ve worked with them both as a makeup artist and spiritual practitioner, and we’re all good friends. Their astrology is interesting in that they are both Aries with differing moon and rising signs.

Michelle is more of a true-blooded Aries in that her astrology features both a sun and moon in Aries. She works extremely hard as a respiratory therapist and has spent a couple of years rehabbing a beautiful home in Durham, CT, inside and out. She is also a dedicated and protecting family member with a Cancer rising sign, and will do anything for her family (on her terms!) as she’s an Aries. It was gratifying to do Michelle’s makeup because she doesn’t like to wear much, so the couple of times I worked with her were a real treat for both her and me as she enjoyed the process.

Olivia’s astrology is more complex.  She’s an energetic Aries, but her moon is in Capricorn. She is very ambitious on a deep, emotional level, the moon being the planetary body emblematic of our changing emotions. She’s been able to express her ambitious Capricorn underbelly by publishing gluten-free cookbooks because she suffers from celiac disease and has also worked with celebrities, billionaires, and athletes as a personal chef. She is now a product developer for Edible Arrangements. She’s been on quite a ride thus far in life, it’s been a little crazy, and yes her astrology features a Gemini rising sign! Geminis do wonderfully when they’re able to channel their creativity as Olivia has. I’ve loved working as her makeup artist and spiritual practitioner when she periodically goes on television and for their wedding.

As far as how their synastry, or chart comparison, looks, two fire signs are incredibly powerful. But I also always caution two fire signs that they can either heat a home or burn it down, so make sure if you’re dating a fire sign to channel your energy as well as Olivia and Michelle have!

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