The Big Guys Just Got Together

Jupiter as compared to the sun

Jupiter as compared to the sun

I recently wrote about Jupiter, the great planet of expansion, idealism, and luck, moving into the sign of Scorpio and what it means for each individual sign. Now, the sun has entered a rejoinder with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio to make a powerful cocktail for dispensing with the forgone things in your life so that you may expand and grow. Depending on your viewing capabilities, the beautiful waxing crescent moon, that moon phase which struggles to break from the old to allow for the new, is conjoined with Pluto, the dense planet of difficult change and co-ruler of Scorpio, highlighting the insistence to grow and let go.

Pluto looking at the Crescent Moon and the sun, appearing together, tonight, in the sky

Pluto looking at the Crescent Moon and the sun, appearing together, tonight, in the sky

Though Scorpio is a much reviled sign, the sign of the fall, ensuing darkness, and the recognition of shorter days, it is in this energy that much treasure is to be found in Scorpio’s underworld. Signs are how things are, just as when you say, “I’m a Virgo…I’m an Aries, etc.” you’re describing how you are as a person, your spiritual and psychological makeup. Signs are understood from the amount of light as observed through the procession of the seasons, and the quality that the sun takes on in each sign. Take for example, Gemini being the most amount of sun, those born in Gemini have a self and vitality of curiosity, communication, and childishness.

With the sun moving into Scorpio it’s important to look at the negative aspects of your sun sign. In Vedic forms of astrology, the sun is seen as somewhat malefic, blocking everything else out with its supreme power and pull. With the sun moving into the dark, intuitive sign of Scorpio, see how you might better understand and reintegrate some of the darker parts of your psyche, and experience a deep change for the better.

Aries: Wait before you act

Aries, you are in constant, physical motion, yet calibrating and timing your movements is the key to your success. Give yourself a little extra time and rest, and be amazed at how you can truly surge ahead.

Taurus: Having turns quickly to hoarding

Taurus, you own, more than any sign, the great pleasures of the bounty of the earth. Yet possessing all of your materials all the time devalues their worth, so put your considerable talents into circulation and be amazed at how much you’re worth in the market.

Gemini: Think before you speak

Gemini, you are gifted with the fastest mind in the zodiac. Yet, there are other speeds to thinking and speaking other than the fastest. Slow it down, explore some different gears, or, if you are going to fly at your usual light speed, make sure you have a bottle to catch your lightning.

Cancer: Loving is smothering 

Cancer, you are the most nurturing, protecting, and loving sign of the zodiac. Yet those you hold onto need to make their own way, as do you yourself. Let go a little bit of those around you and be surprised that you didn’t have to hold on so tight to begin with.

Leo: Vanity is the most deadly sin

Leo, you never suffer as the warm, golden, dramatist who is always the center of attention. Ruled by the sun, your radiance knows no bounds. Maybe give some others the spotlight, and rest in the shade for a bit before you are burnt to a crisp.  

Virgo: Paralysis by analysis

Virgo, you seek out and carry the burdens the other signs couldn’t even dream of and worry about them. Let it go. You’re destined to be the hardest, headiest worker, but overthinking things will only, paradoxically, be counterproductive.

Libra: Something’s gotta give 

Libra, not unlike Taurus, also ruled by Venus, you find yourself blessed by the largesse of the late summer harvest, beautifully perched behind your scales. Yet, in your effort to make everything beautiful and balanced, you suffer the fate that you must make judgments amongst your many great choices. If you fail to deliberate, none of your gifts will matter much.

Scorpio: The kiss of death is your death too

I know, Scorpio, as much as other people despise you, they are flawed too. Yet, as my mother said, two wrongs don’t make a right. Stinging those who would do you harm will only serve to defeat you in the end. Don’t dig a grave for yourself and your enemy; you’re already in the grave of your underworld.

Sagittarius: Some things are better left unknown

Sagittarius, in your constant quest for knowledge and the expansive powers that come with it, you forget that mystery itself is wonderful and illuminating. In your drive to know, you may end up driving yourself into the ground. Lay down your arrows a bit, archer, and focus on the now.

Capricorn: Ambition isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Capricorn, while you are the most grounded and ambitious sign of the zodiac, you do well to realize there is more to life than your own ascendancy. While you’re climbing the mountain, make sure to enjoy the journey or heaven’s forbid stop for some strudel along the way.

Aquarius: The future isn’t here yet

Aquarius, you get us all to the future we didn’t know could exist. But we still live in the present, so make sure you’re kind to those around you, and yourself, while you envision and make happen the great promises of progress.

Pisces: It’s not real

Pisces, while you are the most colorful, feeling, and creative sign of the zodiac, you still live in this material plane. Check out of your dreams for a bit, or, really consider translating those dreams and creative impulses into material form.

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