Is It Mercury Retrograde?

From Freddie was Virgo, ruled by Mercury.

From Freddie was Virgo, ruled by Mercury.

Is it Mercury Retrograde? This is one of the most googled questions in the state of New York, and not surprisingly. Aside from knowing your sun sign, you are probably at least familiar with the term, “Mercury Retrograde.” However, there is more to Mercury Retrograde than the perennial claims of communication and technology mishaps that are the hallmarks of this most infamous astrological cycle.

Mercury, the planet and character, is Hermes in Greek mythology, the messenger of the gods. Hermes is the original trickster, before Uranus took that title as the higher octave of Mercury, but Hermes played a critical role in antiquity, one that you can learn from by observing and following the cycles of the modern Mercury. Hermes flies between worlds, patronizing mortals, roads, and travelers, serving as a bridge between men and gods. While Mercury gets a bad rap as stealing time, he actually was the original Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to you. However, there’s a catch. You have to follow his lead.

Today, Mercury will appear to slow down in the sky, station retrograde, and then move backwards, entering its retrograde phase. What you generally do is continue on the daily pace of your normal life instead of following Mercury’s lead, which is to slow down, and then move backwards over the material you’ve covered in the last several weeks.

Mercury's path in the sky. From

Mercury's path in the sky. From

When Mercury slows down, you slow down too. If you don’t it's like continuing on at fifty miles per hour when a car is grinding to a halt. When Mercury is stationed retrograde, a beacon in the sky, stop and watch your thoughts as they fly by, but don’t move with them, as Mercury wants you to dock. Then when Mercury moves backwards, don’t move forwards, rather, be mindful of what has passed, as you are moving backwards.

It is helpful to note that Mercury Retrograde is occurring during the crazy month of December, so slowing down to counterbalance the madness is much recommended, regardless. Interestingly, Mercury is coupling with Saturn, in Greek mythology, Kronos, the conservative God of Time and Fate, further demanding you slow down, stop, or explore a different pace. Beware, Mars, originally Ares, the God of War, enters into the dark sign of Scorpio on December 10th, releasing his pent-up energies that have been kept in check in his opposite sign of balance, Libra, so be forewarned, failure to slow down and readjust may have negative unintended consequences. To better handle the holiday, and Mercury, madness, see what’s in store for your sign below.

Aries: Mercury is asking you to slow down and imagine how you might reconstruct a path forward for yourself that involves higher learning, longer travel, and seeking spiritual depth. There are more modes of expansion than arming the helm of your powerful ship.

Taurus: Mercury asks you to reevaluate yourself in relation to others, their money, and even the darker realms of your intuition and sexuality. All the gifts of the earth can’t and don’t always come from you, and you must look outside yourself.

Gemini: Mercury is your ruler, and you’ll probably hate that going retrograde puts a halt to your flighty mind. But this is good, as getting outside of your head will give you the opportunity to explore partnerships of all kinds, including business and romantic. It can’t all be in your head.

Cancer: Mercury asks you to think a little bit more and feel less, especially as it relates to the nitty gritty aspects of your work and health. While your intuition is unrivaled, you need your head in the game when it comes to reevaluating your work life and health.

Leo: This is a tricky Mercury Retrograde for you, as Mercury is retrograding through your preferred fifth house of expression, love, creativity, and children. Instead of being the Don Juan of the season, think with your head while you’re out and gallivanting.

Virgo: Already a heady sign, Mercury retrogrades through your sector of family and home, so some past feelings about family members may uncomfortably arise. It’s best to calmly analyze, something you're good at, and forge a path forward, remembering your own home and family are what’s most important.

Libra: Though you value justice, judgment, balance above all else, Mercury asks you to rethink how you express your values through communication. Also, reevaluate your interactions with siblings, as how you communicate with siblings in often a reflection of how you communicate in other parts of your life.

Scorpio: Even though you are arguably the deepest, most powerful and intuitive sign with your finger on the pulse of other people’s motives and money, Mercury asks you to use your head instead of your instinctual faculties with regard to reevaluate your own finances, materials, and those things which you hold most dear in life.

Sagittarius: Pardon the pun, but Mercury retrograding through you is tricky. You are the sign of luck, belief, and knowledge, but Mercury is asking you to lighten the load this holiday season, a difficult task for such an expansive sign. Try to connect with your introverted, inner child, as a retrograding Mercury can aid in this task. It doesn’t all have to be about conquering the world and exploring new horizons.

Capricorn: Oddly, Mercury retrograde can suit you quite well, as you like things at a slower, retrograding pace, but Mercury can wreak havoc for you as old Hermes retrogrades through your sector of dreams, unconscious, and secrets. Mercury asks that you get outside of your structured self and let some magic happen.

Aquarius: The bold, eccentric visionary, you’re never happy with a retrograding pace. But Mercury moving backwards through you sector of friends, organizations, and wishes is just what you need, to see the value in and reinvigorate your social networks to bring your visions to larger groups.

Pisces: Mercury asks you to come down to earth for the moment and reconsider the direction of your career. Reevaluate what you’ve done in the past, brush up your resume, and then you can make the change you’ve been so desperately seeking.

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