Merry Astrological Christmas!

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Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?


The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God


What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday—Moon Day

This week, a new child is born, as the moon shifts from Pisces, the fish, into Aries, the head strong ram, and finally situates in Taurus, the great sitting bull and earth mother. The soupy, magical, primordial world of Pisces, now occupied by the dreamy and barbarous planet Neptune and painful Chiron, the wounded healer, pleads for you to accept your hidden troubles and imperfections as they break to the surface in a new birth. Realize that that which is forged in rejection, darkness, and dismay is actually your source of triumph and redemption, if you’d only take the time to accept the difficult message that is being delivered.

Aries: This is a very emotional week for you. Your normal mode of operation is to charge ahead, but stay situated in what is driving you, take some extra time to saddle up in your endeavors, and avoid jumping head first into conflicts. If you adopt this approach, you are better able to sustain your material self, money, possessions, and values alike.

Taurus: This could be a great week for you, if you pay attention to some of the pain points throughout your larger social networks and group memberships. With a new birth, you are cast into the new, with the spirit of the old, but find a way to healthfully integrate that which you’ll carry forth into the future, good and bad, while letting go of that which has passed, a difficult task for you, possessive Taurus.

Gemini: There is potential for you to break in a new career direction this week, but only if you sit with some of the pain that has been ailing you in your work life. Usually you prefer to fly at light speed with your ideas, but take some time to feel the new dreams your soul is forging in the water of your dreams, the realm of your unknown.

Cancer: This is a positively revelatory week for you, even though you are already an already emotive, intuitive sign. Be open to the new spiritual dimensions to which you are awakening which can lead to new knowledge and even travel, and hold on, with the claws of your crab, for the ride!

Leo: Used to basking in the romantic radiance of the sun, you are especially asked to take a look at how the shadow you cast, lion, can actually be the source of your greatest triumph, especially as it relates to the darker side of sexuality, money, and other people. A new birth can happen for you, even if you are content in your fixed radiance, but nothing is forever, and even you must transform.

Virgo: Oh, poor Virgo, you always end up carrying the burden. Won’t you look at the pains that plague you, written in your dreams, push you into a new direction, one where you are not a slave to others and your work, but where you serve with dignity and joy?

Libra: You excel in the airy realms of thought and art, but realize that great inspiration comes from the unknown. Allow yourself to approach your thinking and creating from a more esoteric, intuitive place, and be amazed what comes before your scales, a new surplus to judge.

Scorpio: The most intense energy of the zodiac, you are fused with even more creative energy this week. Make sure to come to the surface for air because too much water will drown you.

Sagittarius: Ever the seeker, lick the wounds from your battles this week, and tend to your home. Even the strong, expansive archer must halt every so often.

Capricorn: Usually more grounded in your thought and communication, take a walk on the wild side, and pay attention to your body, heart, and mind, and what your spirit has to tell you through the unknown realm of dreams. Don’t even worry about how it will all shake out. You’ll find the necessary structure to put your feelings into action.

Aquarius: The most knowledgeable of all the signs, take some time this week to feel through what you don’t know. Your dreams are actually the source of new knowledge, even if they don’t have the hard, electrical precision of how you like them to be.

Pisces: The moon is moving through your sign this week. Though you like to live in the water, this week you break into hard form, a seed that bursts from the earth, and ultimately settles into place. There is no stopping this compulsive action, but do take a moment to think, rather than dream or feel, of the journey you are on.  

I’m an astrologer and writer based in New Orleans, LA. To better understand the moon’s workings in your life and other spiritual themes, book a session with me by calling 504-313-8706 or e-mailing me at Merry astrological Christmas!