Supermoon, Mercury Retrograde, and a Message for the Archer



Listen, Archer

Before You Ride

To the Laugher of Children

Under the Full Moon, Tonight


Searching, Seeking

Dying to Know

The Trajectory of your Arrows

Are the Stars of your Show


But Take a Seat

At your Moon Mother's table

Enjoy Her Great Feast

Erect a New Fable


You're so learned, Archer

In Your Mind and Body

Become a Child Again

For Time's Eternal Folly


Though we're in the season of the expansive archer, Sagittarius, the supermoon in Gemini and Mercury going retrograde asks the archer, and you, to connect with your inner children. To connect with your core spirit and Inner Makeup, call me at 504-313-8706 or e-mail to set up a session, today!