Two Virgos in Pisces Season and a Crazy Storm on its Way!

Every Monday at 11 AM, the word Monday itself meaning "Moon Day," Inner Makeup holds a weekly gathering at Manjares in Westville. Generally we focus on matters of an emotional nature, as Sunday is better to set the top on the week, the sun being the much more present, aware, planetary body, and the moon is the governing body of mystery, emotion, and that which is not always clear and present. 

How fitting that it was two Virgos, myself and Desiree, grappling with the madness of Pisces season, much to our consternation. Virgo and Pisces are opposites and occupy two sides of a coin, two peas in a pod, or, oppose each other in fits of Dionysian, dreamy madness and flighty, mercurial, Godspeed thoughts, as Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the winged-messenger, Hermes. Out of all the signs, Virgo, judgmental, critical Virgo, finds Pisces confounding, that Pisces is able to live in her dream world, whereas Virgo, with a chip on her shoulder, usually must slave away to make that kind of Piscean magic happen.

Desiree and I discussed how she might strategize, a very Virgoan word, and deal with this season. Her astrology features many beautiful planets in Leo on her ascendant, with a strongly placed Sun in Virgo, and a Moon in Taurus. They key for Desiree is possessing those emotions, the domain of the moon, that serve her interests, while letting the others go, not an easy task for someone with a strong moon in Taurus. In fact, this is a similar dynamic for what a Virgo must do in Pisces: let it go. The most formless, dreamy, of all the seasons is not the time to take control, rather ride out the Neptunian storm through which we ultimately rise again, as Jupiter is the original ruling planet of Pisces. Join us at the weekly Inner Makeup gathering and/or get in touch to book your Inner Makeup session.