Floating Into Cancer

We’re about to enter into the sign of Cancer, and in astrology, a sign is defined as the character of the season that that sign occupies. If you happen to be born in Cancer, your astrological or Inner Makeup will feature an orientation that is emotive, protective, and familial. If you have a friend or family member born in Cancer, they will exhibit these tendencies as well. A sign can also be used descriptively, for example, if you’re referring to someone or something that is very family-oriented and likely to hold onto the past, you might say, “That’s so Cancerian.”

Cancer is preceded by Gemini, and I’m jumping the gun a bit (we’re still in Gemini) by prematurely writing about Cancer. If Gemini are the communicative, curious, mercurial, creative, outgoing twins of the zodiac, Cancer is their foil, the mature, protective, deep-hearted, and emotional mother. Cancer is the crab, the ancient crustacean that can hang on better than any sign. The crab goddess was a powerful symbol in antiquity for cultures like ancient Egypt where the terrain was deadly, the only respite being the flooding of the Nile, the crab emblematic of the tenacity needed for survival.

Image taken from Erich Neumann's  The Great Mother

Image taken from Erich Neumann's The Great Mother

What can we learn from Cancer, and how can we best utilize the energy of Cancer season? Cancers have an incredible ability to understand the long game of life. Ruled by the moon, Cancer feels the lunar month, whereas the rest of us are on a more hastened time cycle. Therefore, Cancers know how to love, protect, and hold onto things that need nurturance, care, and time. They can intuit the future and the past, looking towards the stars, but never forgetting the journey that brought them to the present. Conversely, Cancers can be crabby and have a hard time letting go when they need to.

We’ll be discussing moving into Cancer this evening at the New Orleans Inner Makeup meetup. We look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, who are the Cancers in your life? What do you learn from them?