Thanks to Everyone Who Attended Last Evening's Meetup!

We had a great turnout for last evening's Inner Makeup meet up. We missed you if you didn't attend, but you can RSVP next week here. The conversation that emerged focused beautifully around some questions, as we're in the most inquisitive, communicating of all signs, Gemini, regarding astrology and each sign's ruler. Did you know your sign has a ruler? Each sign has a planetary ruler; Gemini happens to be ruled by Mercury, and rulerships are also disputed and even change over the years. However, in the spirit of the season of Gemini, I suggest to not so much seek the answer to the question that emerges from Gemini, the mercurial, fast, twins, but, as the poet Rilke said, "...beg you dear Sir, as well as I can, to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves." In other words, appreciate what the question has itself to say, and ultimately file that into the realm of Gemini's opposite, knowledge-seeking Saggitarius. So, it's not what is right or wrong, rather, that a question is asked at all, and that there might not necessarily be an answer, and the spirit of the question is what is paramount. What is the spirit of Gemini? June is busting out all over (a song from the musical, Carousel), school is out for summer, and the longest days of the year are enjoyed. Yet, as I suggested before, curiosity and inquisition can kill the cat, as much fun as they can be in Gemini, the youthful twins of the zodiac. So enjoy the emerging, flightly beginning of summer, but don't lose your wits about yourself!