Roaring Ahead?

For those of you who missed this weeks Inner Makeup meetup in NOLA, here's what's happening in the stars! Mars, planet of action, carnal strength, and war, has moved into Leo. Many of you rejoice, as this fiery planet feels more comfortable with the lion than the clinging, clawing, doting crab, Cancer. However, this is such a very powerful lunation, proceed with caution. As Arthur C. Clarke said, it is not power, derived from the Latin, potestas, but its application that matters. The power of Mars is best expressed in a jumpstart, a seed that breaks through concrete, a rocket blasting off, but be careful not to engage in ill-advised dalliances such as adjudicating a land war in Russia.

With the Sun in Leo, he has found his home sign and his rulership. Bask in the warm, glimmering, golden tones of Leo, and seek athletic powerful grace as the lion, skillfully utilizing the abundant power of conjoined Mars without the need to even try too hard. However, don’t spend too much time in the mirror or in the sun.

While the previous planetary bodies have moved into their comfortable territory of Leo, Venus has shifted into watery Cancer, diving from the airy, chattering, communicative sign of Gemini. This is very interesting, as often we see Venus as an unattainable, beautiful, other in the sky, whereas recent research by Arielle Guttmann has pointed us to look and feel Venus from the inside. What is our inner beauty, purpose, the way that we might see the Golden Section in nature or the Venus star in the sky, in fact, on our inside? Instead of thinking about Venus socially, think about her in the retractive, introverted, emotive sign of Cancer.

Moon is waxing through Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn this week, an intense ride that asks us to hold our tongue and fire, or else be prepared to suffer the consequences of provocation, but we ultimately rise in Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Scholar of early astrology, Antoine Borrut, has identified the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction as an indicator of emperors who rise. Jupiter and Saturn rule Sagittarius and Capricorn, asking us to be cautiously optimistic. This is how we rise, through knowledge, belief, and as we bask now in the radiance of the sun, through the lion’s heart.

Lastly, Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th of August, asking us to slow down, look backwards, and radiate through the warmth of Leo.