Happy New Year, from the Supermoon!

Image from worthytarot.com

Image from worthytarot.com

Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?


The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God


What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday—Moon Day


Wow! This moon phase is a powerful way to start off 2018 with the moon waxing full, the largest Supermoon of the year. Is this a time to make grand pronouncements, set goals, and make resolutions for yourself? No. While there is so much energy towards ambition, success, and climbing to the top of your proverbial mountain, take a moment to feel what has transpired over the past year, and understand what you need to do to protect yourself, while moving forward, as you climb into 2018. The moon, in the nurturant, spiritual, emotive sign of Cancer demands that you do as much or the crab goddess will hold you back.


Aries: Ever the virile Ram, the moon brings to full awareness your need to ground yourself with your home base. This doesn’t mean that you will stop pushing ahead, but you will realize that without a home base you won’t be able to get to where you’re headed.


Taurus: Your feelings have much to tell you, even if they seem distant from the material realm in which you inhabit and are gifted. Your feelings are just as valuable as all of your possessions, so take some time to put into words that which you are feeling.


Gemini: You’re used to living in your head, your thinking, and your enviable communicative abilities, but be reminded that great communication is the merging of mind and emotions. Hold onto your feelings, and let them bubble up through your mind, and then will you truly discover your creative genius.


Cancer: This is an especially powerful full moon for you, as you are ruled by the moon. You’re used to intense feelings, so hold on and ride things out. It’s what you do best.


Leo: Lion, you are so willful, hearty, and golden, extroverted in your drama, that you do well during this full moon to let the emotions that are unseen and unheard come to light. Though you bask in the radiance of the sun, allow the shadow you create to take center stage, and discover some things of which you weren’t aware.


Virgo: You are so smart, heady, and analytical, Virgo, that you forget your feelings and intuition can aid you, at times more than your mind. This is especially true in the area of larger social networks and friends. Feel more in 2018 and you’ll realize that the union of your formidable mind and intuition will take you far.


Libra: So used to relating and judging the gifts that come before you, you are feeling you haven’t protected your own career and success. Listen to the moon, your feelings, and spirit, and protect your beautiful self and career, and remember, you are ruled by Venus, not the objects, materials, and ideas that come to you.


Scorpio: Your feelings, as they govern your power, are amongst the most intense of the zodiac. But it is the “application of power” as Arthur C. Clarke once wrote in Childhood’s End that matters. Honor your feelings, utilize them, but be careful not to act on the most daemonic ones, as you, the scorpion, should only sting, rarely, in order to survive. Adopting this mentality brings you to a new spiritual level and takes you far.


Sagittarius: Used to gallantly riding ahead, your darkest, hidden feelings scream out to be heard. Make sure you listen, as they are the key to your arrows hitting their marks.


Capricorn: There is so much planetary action in your sign right now, that you are tempted to jump full speed into 2018 with grand designs for your ascent. But remember you must tend to yourself and nurture your spirit, especially in the form of partners who can help, or your climb will not be worth it in the end.


Aquarius: Your grand visions are emerging right now, filled with the tension between these futuristic thoughts and primal feelings. Allow that tension to bring your visions to bear, mysterious as it is, and you won’t need to be so hard headed about enacting your great plans that benefit us all.


Pisces: It’s your nature to feel and believe, and that you will, but put some hard thought to those impulses and actualize them in the material realm. You’ll be shocked at how, in 2018, that the dream world in which you inhabit becomes an external reality.


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