A Crisis Most Welcome

Image from fullmoonphases.com

Image from fullmoonphases.com

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What is the Moon’s Message to You?

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This week is destined to be anticlimactic as the moon is coming down from her massive, full, super culmination, the largest of the year. Yet that doesn’t mean this week will be uneventful, as the moon suggests you revisit, through a potential crisis of consciousness midweek, that which needs to be shed in order to make room for a fresh start in the form of the new moon next week. Then you will really get looking to your future, and your north star.

Aries: Not necessarily known for your ability to make dramatic change, invest in that type of energy this week, and dispense with everything that is uncritical. Your proverbial masthead can’t afford the extra weight.

Taurus: Content to let the seekers come your way by evidence of your enviable largesse, you’ll want to reevaluate the relationships in your life this week, and make necessary adjustments by dispensing with the bottom feeders.

Gemini: Even though this could be a treacherous week for you regarding your love life and creative world, your crisis is actually your wrong turn gone right. You’ll be surprised by the partnerships that can emerge if you just get out of your head a bit and open up to them.

Cancer: Though holding on is your MO, you're going to want to make some hard changes, especially in the realm of your family life. This opens you up to the creative space in which you’ve been wanting to relish.

Leo: Ever the golden child, this week may throw you off a bit. However, take a chance to express how you feel, good and bad, and be surprised by how far your lion’s heart can take you.

Virgo: If you’re having money troubles, or even troubles around what you value with regard to your time and money, let those feelings come to the fore. They’re probably truer than you think, and will be the key to you making positive change in your financial and “time spent” world.

Libra: This could be an usually moody week for you, even though you like to keep your head above the fray. Emotions and passions matter, though, and listen to what your shadow self has been dying to tell you, and then act on it.

Scorpio: This week is in your wheelhouse, Scorpio, as it is dark and prepping for sudden change. Don’t go overboard, though, as your love of stinging is perennially your undoing.

Sagittarius: This week could be especially difficult for you, Sagittarius, as you are ever the optimist. However, it can’t always be seashells and balloons, and a little bit of contraction will do you good.

Capricorn: This week is a homestretch for you, as the moon wanes towards new in you, Capricorn. There is much Capricornian energy in the air as of late, so continue with your plodding ways, brick by brick, and nobody can stop you.

Aquarius: You may enjoy a little bit of the chaos this week as long as you keep your rigid, futuristic wits about yourself. Believe it or not, what’s happening in the present can be just as instructive as what you know will happen in the future.

Pisces: If you act on your never ending supply of dreams, magic, your forte, will happen. But you must put the structure in place to harness the magic or else, as magic usually does, it disappears.

I’m Dan Beck, a writer and astrologer based in New Orleans, LA, where I work live and work out of a former Masonic Temple. To discuss the themes written above, and more, book a session by calling 504-313-8706 or e-mailing dan@innermakeup.net.