A Taste of Spring

Image from Earth Sky http://bit.ly/2FF5bm3

Image from Earth Sky http://bit.ly/2FF5bm3

Moon Messages Week of March 12, 2018


Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?


The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God


What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday, which means Moon Day


Prepare yourself for spring’s awakening as the moon gives you a taste of what it will feel like to burst into Aries next week. Tending to your proverbial ship for the spring equinox as you abruptly turn towards brighter days is the name of the game. You can only do this by, ironically, staying in the moment, envisioning what the future will be, taking the necessary time to feel it in your bones, and then you’ll hear the gunshot, and the race will begin.


Aries, Born 3/21-4/19: Your upcoming birthday this year will be especially powerful, with a lot of talking and a lot of loving. Make sure your ship is well stocked for the journey!

Taurus, Born 4/20-5/20: Unlike many of the other signs, a lot of the action in your life is happening underneath the surface and out of sight. Trust that the earth moving under your feet is resulting in above board gains.

Gemini, Born 5/21-6/20: You can’t accomplish anything in life without the help of friends and their goodwill. There’s a lot of energy in your sector of friends, hopes, and wishes in the coming month, so make sure to use it.

Cancer, Born 6/21-7/22: Get ready to act on your career. The heavens are waiting, and next week you can make the moves you’ve been so desiring.

Leo, Born 7/23-8/22: Drama and self-expression can only take you so far. Make sure to expand your mind and soul through learning and spirituality as the sun begins to warm towards the brighter days you enjoy.

Virgo, Born 8/23-9/22: This spring is going to be intense for you, especially with regards to other people’s money and motivations. Remember to do right by others, including yourself, and you will come out on top.

Libra, Born 9/23-10/22: There are some battles brewing around the corner, but remember you are Libra, the scales of Justice, and never get down in the mud with anybody who would take you from your perch.

Scorpio, Born 10/23-11/21: Work and your health will be the focus for you in the upcoming month. Your actions don’t always have to be related to other’s motivations, the area in which you so excel. Your hammering, sewing, typing, and yes, health matter too.

Sagittarius, Born 11/22-12/21: You are the blunt knowledge seeker of the zodiac, but your individual expression matters as well. Whether in the domain of creativity or love, seek something more than your lofty thoughts and journeys.

Capricorn, Born 12/22-1/19: If things have been a slow go recently, it’s about to heat up as Mars, the planet of action and war, enters your sign. The changes you’ve been making and structures implementing are about to be activated.

Aquarius, Born 1/20-2/18: Dreams and communicating them are just as important as the precognitive knowledge of the future. The heavens are available to you in this regard, so make sure to get outside of your head a bit if you want to step into future you know is yours.

Pisces, Born 2/19-3/20: All of your primordial, magical material is about to break into being, but you must hold on for dear life. Make sure to batten down your hatches and cast away!


I’m Dan Beck, a spiritual consultant and astrologer based in New Orleans, LA, and I provide a variety of offerings for your spiritual longings. To continue this thread of text and spirit, click here.