Is a New Moon in Gemini a Potential Undoing?

Gemini Factory

Gemini Factory

Every day as I cross the Crescent City Connection bridge, I notice a factory that features a Gemini symbol and two smokestacks. Gemini is a binary sign and the duality of the smokestacks curiously mirrors and emphasizes this. As we are experiencing a new, invisible moon in the sign of Gemini, I decided to take a closer look at the factory. I was told by a gentleman that the factory used to be a sugar refinery, fitting for potentially candy-loving Gemini, the childlike, extroverted, and communicative sign. However, when I pass the factory, I always wonder, “What went wrong?” Perhaps astrology, from an acausal standpoint, can provide an answer.

Carl Jung famously called synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, the “acausal connecting principle.” I draw a connection between the Gemini moon phase and the factory, that Gemini is the twelfth sign of moon-ruled Cancer, thus its potential undoing. Signs are relative to each other, and the last sign that precedes each sign is its potential undoing, as the twelfth or last sign is an ending. For example, Leo is the twelfth sign of Virgo if you go around the zodiac. 

With this new moon in Gemini, the moon wants to be in its home sign of Cancer, but it isn’t. It’s in its twelfth sign of Gemini, emphasizing a glib childishness that could spell disaster. What are you to do? Examine the pleasure-seeking, game-loving parts of yourself and make sure they aren’t your undoing, perhaps like a factory that got ahead of itself seeking sugary success. Or, bring those impulses out into the open so they can be expressed healthfully rather than repressed. The moon is new, so it is a ripe time for wishes. Just make sure they’re the types of wishes unlike the Gemini-like curiosity that killed the cat. 

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