The Astrology of Romance Writing

What's your sign?

I'm a Leo (and interestingly, my husband's a Leo, too, which guarantees a lot of tension - but mostly positive!

How did you become inspired to use astrology signs in your works?

It all happened after the birth of my second son (a Taurus), and realizing just how different he was from my older son (a Pisces)... I started wondering, how good of a fit are us two Leo parents with each of our sons? While reading up on personality traits of different signs, it hit me that in my romances, characters often fulfill a certain trope, and the character traits could be mapped to star signs!

There's normally a wise grandmother or a Great Mother in your pieces. Did you have a figure like that in your life who inspired you to learn more about astrology?

Actually, I have a wise cracking grandfather - a spirited character who keeps the whole family on their heels. His wisdom and energy can surely be seen in some of the grandparent figures in books. 

You seem to make your use of astrology very accessible in your works. Have you gone deeper in your own studies, or do you prefer to stay on the surface?

I think I've only really scratched the surface, but through my research I've definitely learned a lot, and my interest has increased!

Leo is the dramatic, romantic sign of the zodiac and seeing as you love slow burn romances, how do you feel about Leos?

That's very nicely phrased: Leos are very dramatic cats, always ready to pounce. I'm very lucky to have my Leo husband, and our love continues to inspire my romance stories!

Over millennia, love has become identified with self-expression, Leo. Do you have a favorite character who has exemplified this--love as a vehicle to finding oneself.

Every character in my books goes through a lot of changes, and grows in the process. The love story is the main driver for these character arcs. One story that I really love is Zane's from "Pisces Hooks Taurus": Zane starts out thinking he's just not that smart, but through his love for his art, and then later through the support from Beckett, he really starts trusting himself and realizing that book smarts are not the whole story!

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, other people's money, and carnal attractions. How does Scorpio figure into your novels as opposed to more hearty Leos?

Transformation and attraction are themes that you'll find in all my books - but my Scorpio character, Percy in "Scorpio Hates Virgo" is even more physical and sexual than others, so I think you can really see his sign at work there.

How do your readers respond to you using astrology in your books?

They love it and really find it fun! A lot of people see some of their traits in the characters, which is awesome :)

Do you have any upcoming projects you're excited about that you'd like to share?

I'm always working on new love stories - the best way to learn about them is on my website, or by signing up to my newsletter ( The astrology-themed "Signs of Love" series now has four books (two already linked in the interview above):

Leo Loves Aries

Gemini Keeps Capricorn