Welcome To Moon Messages For Today Tuesday

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Today is Tuesday, Mardi or Mars’ Day. Remember yesterday’s sweet fluid emotive talk about growing while letting go? You have a few hours left to for that. Now the chips are down and you must act. You’re going to have to work it. And not that you can’t. There’s some great flowing energy available to work the ground underneath your feet. Pick up your plow as the game has changed. You’re going to have to strategize and realize that your mind and feelings need to come together, something that’s difficult this month with Mercury retrograding and in a hazy state of mind. Strategy, action, and work all need to come together without overthinking things—not an easy task and your impulses may be angry or violent. Discipline is key as anger is best channeled into sheer physical tasks. Make sure that pure physical activity is a cornerstone of your long-term ambitions. This will help clarify any unclear thinking that may be bogging you down. You’re still in your initial baby growth phases and are just starting to see the fruits of your labor sprout. But it’s going to take some more work both by the hand and the mind to see the fruits of you labor start working for you.