Welcome To Moon Messages For Today Wednesday

Wednesday is Mercury’s day, Mercredi. planet of thought and communication, but you’re mind and thoughts are fallen today. You’ve entered a hazy realm that is at best daydreaming and at worst lack of focus. The part of you that wants to powerfully ride on is confused by a mind that is off the rails. Part of this is due to prior wounding—subconscious fears that are holding you back. Pain and fear don’t always have to be downers. When there’s a problem in a musical, there’s always a song around the corner. Instead of being bogged down, break out into a beat and song! Put on your favorite record! That will jumpstart your energies and get them flowing where you need them to be going. And definitely make sure to include others in your childlike merriment. You have a deep need for this today even if things are heavy. Let love win out even if it’s the love that will reign in the future and not today. In order to get to the future you believe in you have to dream. But only through having your head in the game will those dreams come true.