Welcome To Moon Messages For Thursday

Thursday is It’s Jupiter’s day! Jeudi. Luck, belief, expansion, and potentially indulgence come to the fore. This is traditionally the most fortunate day of the week. So how will you make the best of this? The need to think and communicate, the seeking of new horizons, and the will to dream square off today. These three actions at first don’t seem mutually exclusive, but they do require work to integrate and will be helped by benefic Jupiter. This will be tense but the triangulation between these three themes as opposed to squaring off and opposing each other will be the key. You will forge a connection between your conscious mind and your dreams, what you perceive and what you don’t know, and rocket yourself by believing in this process. This is poetic, illusory, and spiritual in nature but only when you believe in this process shall your truly expand and succeed. Dive into the mysteries of your soul and see what comes up, but have the discipline to let your mind wander while believing in this process. You’ll need a friend(s) or partner(s) to help you in this effort ironically somebody who might not be your natural ally, but tension gets the friction going that your experiencing right now. It’s just a matter of how you use that friction.