Welcome To Moon Messages For Saturday

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Saturday is Saturn’s Day, Samedi, hence the word saturnian. Saturday is limitation, restriction, discipline, and conservatism. Sounds like a downer, right? But Saturn is the necessary taskmaster of the zodiac, and Judaism exemplifies this most profoundly by celebrating the Sabbath. You can also pay heed to Saturn by limiting or restricting yourself today rather than springing off as the weekend warrior. It’s a feeling, moody, homey day that is more designed celestially for emotive nurturance and self-expression than serious study. You make gains here and being too hard a taskmaster unto yourself will ground you out. Again you might feel the urge towards a weekend getaway to another country but these fantasies are best kept in dreams. However that does not preclude you having a local tryst that is deeply transformative. Why travel hundreds of miles to get an Instagram post when you can have good fortune right at home?