Welcome To Moon Messages for Tuesday


It’ll happen later in the day, but your stalled efforts with regard to money and resources will show some signs of lightening up. This will culminate by the beginning of April. Taurus will be especially feeling this, and the relief is a welcome change. Virgo will benefit although you’ll be feeling the need to get your head in order. Capricorn, you’ll be required to make some changes regarding your past institutional investments and are advised to make the most logical, rational decisions that will put you in a better state of mind. Aries you’ve been making gains with your money the past couple of months using your normal sheer strength, and your other fellow fire sign, Sagittarius has been having a good year financially anyways. Leo, the way this has been manifesting for you is with some skirmishes at work over finances, but again this clears up by early April. Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, this day will bring you some needed clarity and structure to your finances as your money has been involved with the social spaces of your friends, relationships, and siblings. You may have to let go of some fights around money. Tuesday, Mars’ day, is an active, fiery day so use the energy to continue the work you’ve been doing to greater financial gains, and don’t get caught up in skirmishes and battles that will ultimately bring you down.