Welcome To Moon Messages for Thursday


Happy Thursday, Jupiter’s Day, and watch it go! A jovial spring has awakened to the season of Aries, the spring equinox, so all the fire signs will be ablaze—Aries, the driving self; Sagittarius the romantic; and Leo taking flight in travels. Though the sky is ablaze, the moon specifically through Libra demands emotional balance with all the fire. But intellectual airs often fuel the flames and structure is needed where the mind fails, even if prior structures have been failing. Capricorn and Aquarius help here. Pisces runs the risk of normative self-sacrifice but her water will help douse the flames when needed and Cancer can nurture us as week seek temperance through fire and water. Scorpio is grounded out a bit but will be called to break down the structures that no longer serve. Gemini benefits the most from the aforementioned balance especially through futuristic visions of romance and it might be Virgo carrying the analytical and logical burden who best rides the roiling flames.