Welcome To Moon Messages for Friday


Friday, Venus’ Day, emphasizes love, sweetness, and in this case, balance. You find good fortune here being judicious in matters concerning relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Following a higher-minded, beautific approach is the way to go and will harmoniously and expansively cast you into the future you seek. Of course the other competing drive will be the simmering, war-like energy of Mars that is not as potent as it would like to be but can still wreak havoc nonetheless. Libra, you’re in your natural, balance-seeking element today, so enjoy. Scorpio, if you don’t retreat and seek the treasure of potential of balance, it will undo you. Sagittarius, you have the opportunity to make gains with a peaceful evening amongst friends. Capricorn, instead of worrying about the changes that are occurring in your life and how to construct new structures around that change, making judgments and seeking balance amongst your options is the way to go. Aquarius, you have the ability to travel, but through a romantic partnership as opposed to relying on your usual heady visions. Pisces, seeking balance means making the judgments you’ve been avoiding to get your head in the game. Aries, while you’re the most potent you’ve been in some time, remember that even you have an emotional need to relate to others in a balanced, harmonious fashion. Taurus, though you’re the most grounded of all the zodiac signs, you need to make some moves in matters of money lest you get in fights over your own resources which is never good. Gemini, this is prime time for romance that will nourish and feed your soul. Cancer, you’ll be glad to hear that the moon wants you to stay in for the evening. Leo, though self-expression is your preferred mode of communication, relational communication is the way to go this evening. And Virgo, though you’re constantly analyzing and fretting over details, remember to reach out to others and they will help you rise to the stars.