Welcome To Moon Messages for Saturday


There’s no way around it—Saturn’s Day, or Saturday is about restriction, limitation, and the requiring of discipline. This is not always bad, as ancient cultured venerated Saturn, for with discipline and restriction flows abundance. For the past couple of years, though, since late 2017 Saturn has been at home demanding the discipline he requires. This is coupled with the breaking down of traditional structures which we cling to and that also hold in place past demons that were never purged. Hence Saturn is a great day to restrict yourself. Sober contemplative reflection and rest are in order, as you’ve probably had a sweet time the night before. If you like, go out in the evening, but reserve the day for rest. Generally activities that engage the mind such as reading and writing are recommended but not activities that arouse the passions. Even work that is physical such as physical labor is ill-advised. You’ll thank yourself later for this, as Saturn demands you put down the hoe so when you do take it back up, you’ll have the discipline to truly do some great work.