Welcome To Moon Messages For Monday 3/25


Monday 3/25—Today is a positively buoyant day with good fortune as you expand by ramming ahead into spring. This is especially true for the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. As today is the moon’s day, and the moon is the mind and emotions combined, the feeling of optimism permeates all facets of life. Taurus, the areas of your life that are more often hidden—contracts and even personal failings—take a turn for the better. Gemini—your partnerships surge ahead. Cancer—your daily working environment gets a jolt of energy. Leo—your romantic and spiritual life are activated in a way you haven’t felt for some time. Virgo—your home life fortuitously improves, as home is one of your favorite places. Libra—your communication takes on a blunt, positive tone that dispenses momentarily with your balanced approach. Scorpio—the overwhelming and deeply emotional days you had over the past couple of days clear up and you make some gains financially. Sagittarius, ever the optimist, you are brimming with confidence and creativity, so run with it. Capricorn—make sure to access the hidden secret of your deep down optimism you might not always access. It’s the key to your ambitious success. Aquarius—one of your favorite areas, groups and friendships, sees a boost. Pisces—your career gets the luck you’ve been needing. And Aries, this is your month so ram ahead!