Welcome To Moon Messages For Wednesday April 10


Wednesday April 10—There’s no way around it; today is a more tense day and this tension is confusing, expansive, and at the forefront of your thinking. You’re empowered to go your own way. The best way to handle this energy, as it’s Mercury Day, the day of thinking and communicating, is to adjust readjust the structures that aren’t working for you and build structures anew. What does that mean specifically for your sign? Aries you do best to go your own way, which you usually do regardless, but make sure to consult wise counsel in your efforts. Taurus you have good luck with a deeply transformative sexual encounter though there will be the inevitable polarization that comes with such a charged event. Gemini your mind is in overdrive today so make sure to suspend your overactive mentality and let go a bit through meditation. Cancer you have good fortune to pay attention to what you’re thinking as opposed to what you’re feeling lest you run the risk of undoing yourself. Leo you do well amongst your peers but they might confuse you and want to spar. Virgo you’re more communicative a bit in your career space but this creates tension at home and with your partner. Libra you’re thinking about a vacation but for now the daily humdrum takes precedent. Scorpio it’s deep dark passion as usual and you make gains here as long as you stay fixed while you regenerate. Sagittarius you’re frustrated with a glib partner but you win when you let go of this tug of war. Capricorn the moon today isn’t all together bad for you as long as you adjust to a more active mentality and let your ambition take a back seat. Aquarius you need to wrap your mind around your creative, ambitious visions and make the change necessary to have your future visions come into reality. Pisces it’s ok to bring the confusing spiritual mysteries you’re experiencing into a newfound philosophy of your mind.