Welcome To Moon Messages For Thursday April 11


Thursday April 11—It’s Jupiter Day so the weather is expansive and fiery. There is a conflict between the need to charge ahead and the need to recharge. You have good fortune and make gains when you focus on home as it’s unclear how the fire helps at this moment. You become exalted by dowsing the fire though every ounce of your being suggests otherwise. Aries this is especially difficult for you. Taurus you won’t have much trouble wrapping your mind around this. Gemini it is important you value this message and you make financial gains by sitting on the sideline and Cancer you’ll have no problem demanding a stay at home. Leo it is especially important you heed this message as you might find yourself in a compromised health position. Virgo focusing on home means focusing on friends, and they nourish you. Libra by finding your home space in your career and protecting yourself you are able to triumph. Scorpio travelling to foreign lands, be it in your mind or in reality, ironically helps ground you. Sagittarius the sex act itself is deeply transformative for you and helps ground you. Capricorn your partner or spouse will aid and protect you; just go home. Aquarius you have such a strong mind and unique visions, but health takes precedent. Take the time to nourish yourself. Pisces romance is the way to go as far as nourishing your soul.