Welcome To Moon Message For Monday April 8


Monday April 8—On any given day, the moon is a third of the story of the sky, the other two parts being the sun and the Eastern horizon. Today you’ll be feeling much relief from some of the structures that have been changing in your life, as you’re letting go and adjusting to a more optimistic outlook. Aries will experience this most acutely in your money and career and Taurus has an opportunity to grow yourself and expand your horizons. Gemini needs to realize the weeds that are growing in the form of secret enemies and nip them in the bud and Cancer is able to build social networks as long as old relationships are let go. Leo starts to see the flowering of some nice career advancements and Virgo sees a boon in travel plans. Libra is able to successfully negotiate contracts around a home improvement and Scorpio is able to enjoy the fruits of a relationship or partnership. Sagittarius is flying this year but needs to acknowledge tendencies towards reckless spending and Capricorn loses herself in a much-needed romantic fling. Aquarius needs to change his mind towards the spiritual especially as it relates to long term ambitions and Pisces has a chance to build and stay grounded in her spirituality that is her natural state.