The Welcome Death of Ambition

Moon Messages May 2, 2019—Cold, calculating ambition can take you only so far. Your past karma has come due, and you are being called to take a more emotive approach that leads you into future. This is a spiritual lesson as you experience losses. But the true key is your feelings—protecting them at all costs so you can feel the way you want. This is how you move forward; privileging the quality of your mental state rather than perceived success. 

Aries: You experience losses in your career but how you feel when you’re at work is much more important. State of mind precedes ambition.  

Taurus: You’ll be asked to review some past karma involving contacts and other countries. By letting go of those relationships, you benefit, even though it might mean some losses.

Gemini: Bet on yourself today. You have good fortune being yourself even if it means some losses in contracts you’ve been working on. 

Cancer: You experience a loss in a partnership but make gains by striking out on your own.

Leo: You may be having some health issues, but taking action to surround yourself with good friends will help.

Virgo: Your mind is very sexually charged right now and this even might bring you some luck in travels but this will ironically cost you in romance. You’ll have to choose between a carnal attraction and sweet love.

Libra: You experience some losses on the home front and in a partnership, but relying on a sibling will help you through this situation.

Scorpio: You’re experiencing some difficulty with siblings but the tension helps you renegotiate some family contracts.

Sagittarius: You have some losses in money but this helps you clarify the partnerships that can actually help you. 

Capricorn: You’re questioning who you are at a core level and feel that you are lacking a solid base from which to answer these difficult questions. Focusing on the mundane aspects of life—daily work, coworkers, and health—help abate the deep questions for a bit. 

Aquarius: Some hidden enemies are draining your energy right now. You discover who they are or their vampirism will continue. 

Pisces: You experience losses in friends but this helps activate some effort you’ve needed to make in the financial realm. Driving action to Seek harmony with your money is the path forward.