Mother | Daughter = Taurus | Pisces

Photography and makeup by Inner Makeup

Photography and makeup by Inner Makeup

The relationship between mother and daughter is fraught with beauty and complication. Such is the case for Leslie and Juli, mother and daughter, Taurus and Pisces. Taurus is the ultimate mother: strong, earthly, and possessive. She loves acquisitions and will hold onto them at all costs. Possessing, and that is the key word with Taurus, formidable strength and power, the bull is not to be trifled with. Yet, Pisces is a confounding creature for Taurus. She loves Pisces’ whimsical, dreamy, magical nature, yet can never quite place her under her thumb. It is also frustrating for Taurus that Pisces, so fluid and unimpeachable, seems to be the source of her strength and power. Pisces being a water sign rules the depths of the oceanic dream netherworlds that create, shape, and transform life from its most infantile beginnings through its stormy demise. Therefore, Taurus is simultaneously bemused by Pisces and angered as well.

Mother and daughter is the ultimate relationship. The most fundamental, basic biological building block of life, namely a harkening back to watery, asexual, feminine replication and reproduction. For a Taurus to yield a Pisces daughter is for a mother to yield to her very own historic nature and submit to the eternal, timeless, watery depths from which she sprang forth. Their relationship exists outside of time and is time itself. Inextricably linked and bound to each other, Taurus and Pisces will persist because they transcend the usual boundaries of space in time.

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