Welcome To Moon Messages For Saturday 4/20/2019


Saturday April 20—Things are unclear today although this isn’t necessarily bad. Saturn Day is about restriction and study so you benefit by spiritually taking it easy. Aries you’ll want to ram ahead but you manifest by changing this attitude towards a more conservative approach and Taurus you experience a deeply emotional day with a partner. Gemini you require emotional adjustment and Cancer you win by privileging your mind over emotions. Leo you enjoy a natural state of manifestation as you stay grounded and Virgo you enjoy the limitations of the day. Libra you make gains by going with emotion of the mind and Scorpio you experience a spiritual and emotional day that sees you letting go. Sagittarius you benefit by staying grounded by accepting some of the surprises you receive in you daily life and Capricorn you benefit by being more spiritual and less material. Aquarius you have a bit of trouble letting go of some of your ideas you hold so dear but that might not be grounded here on earth and Pisces you are advised to structure your time around friends today.

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The Devil and the Moon

Saturn in close aspect with Moon Original:

Saturn in close aspect with Moon Original:


If you look up to the heavens tomorrow evening, just after 10 PM Central Time, you’ll see the planet Saturn in a close aspect with the very bright, waning gibbous Moon. This is the moment of this year that Saturn is most visible. I approach the planets, along with various symbols, signs, and omens, as an invitation to interpretation and creative reinterpretation. Thus, when I realize that Saturn and the Moon are to be very closely conjoined in the sky, in fact the most visible this year, I take note and reflect.

Saturn gets a bad rap in astrology. You’ve probably heard of your Saturn return, and even language itself has relegated that word saturnian, saturnine, saturnalia, even satan or the devil to a reviled position, meaning “slow and gloomy.” Even astrology itself is not immune as the word saturnine was originally used to describe the mood of astrologers! I’m at times inclined to agree. Regardless of the history, is there a constructive way to view Saturn? 

In her book Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey suggests that “When the disciple knows Saturn as the God who offers opportunity and does not only feel him to be Deity who brings disaster, then he is on the path of discipleship in truth and in deed and not just theoretically.” The Greco-Roman cultures understood this, exalting Kronos, the Greek equivalent to Saturn, as a ubiquitous symbol of a golden era of youth, agriculture, and abundance. Temples were erected to honor Saturn. Saturn is also the root of the word “Saturday” which is the day of rest in Judaism and a modern respite from the work week for everybody else. The key here is to find the limiting factors in your life that need to check normative and uncontrolled expansion and movement, embodied in the planet Jupiter, and subsequently make necessary, disciplined, restrictive adjustments. 

Temple of Saturn in Rome

Temple of Saturn in Rome


So what does it mean that the Moon will so closely aspect Saturn? They both take on the conservative, structure-oriented garb of the sign Capricorn, but unlike Saturn who feels at home in Capricorn, the Moon does not like being in Capricorn. The Moon would prefer to be at home in the floating, emotive sign of Cancer or the beautiful, earthly sign of Taurus. Structure and conservatism does not fit the Moon, the original planetary body of communication, emotion, spirit, and nurturance that builds things over time. Therefore, even if you’re not feeling the desire to structure yourself the way you know you need to, do it anyways. 

As you expand in your life, determine what you need to put the brakes on to truly master where it is you want to go. Saturn, though doling out destruction, can be abated by wisely making choices within the bounds of free will. Of course, there still is fate, for better and worse, but if you reject Saturn i.e. the devil’s offerings, you are sure to succeed. 

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