The Moon's Rise as a Fall

Moon Messages Monday April 29—This week’s rise is actually a fall. You benefit by taking it easy and find a little bit of luck by taking this approach. The moon is waning and you’re able to construct some stability here. 

Aries: For the past week or so, you’ve been a driving force in matters of love, sweet love. But finding stability in love is difficult to achieve when you’re on an aggressive hunt, so loosen up a bit.

Taurus: You do well this week when you let a few friends go who have outlived their usefulness.

Gemini: You’re feeling a little unclear about the direction of your career but a headstrong, head smart friend will help you sort out the matter. 

Cancer: It’s a good day for you Cancer especially if you’ve had any legal proceedings. They resolve favorably. 

Leo: There’s a lover in a faraway land who has designs on you, but I’d pass on this one. 

Virgo: Your partner is in a dreamier state of mind than usual but this helps free you up so enjoy it a bit.

Libra: You have a fated encounter today with a partner who has the hots for you. There’s no stopping it so have fun and let him be on the pursuit. 

Scorpio: Your partner is emphasized today, but stay grounded in yourself lest you lose your footing. 

Sagittarius: Your body, heart, and mind will be on fire this week but this might pull you away from a partner who is equally aggressive. Make sure to cool it.

Capricorn: You’re serious this week, but there is an optimistic underpinning to what you’re doing. Bring this into the light and see great gains. 

Aquarius: You make gains this week financially by not being so scientific about your approach to money.

Pisces: You’ll be reviewing the trajectory of your career in the coming weeks. There will be some tension around this but it will ultimately manifest into something good. 

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Welcome To Moon Message For Monday April 1


Monday April 1— What a wonderful way to start the week. Mercury had gone direct i.e. is no longer retrograde. While you’ll still be mentally moving through murky waters, you have good fortune when you feel the sweetness of the future. This is belief stuff, and they sky gives this to you. As it’s April Fool’s Day, have a bit of fun playing the trickster, and be pleasantly surprised about where you may end up down the road. Capricorn, you make gains here as long as you allow change to occur in your sometimes conservative ways, and Aquarius you feel natural envisioning the future as it’s your natural mode. Pisces you need to be a little more scientific and rational about your future but you’re feeling the most spiritual that you have in a long time which is a good place to be; you can combine science and spirituality. Aries though you’re a very self-oriented sign, you make gains with friends and social networks, and Taurus, you do well to feel what kind of future you want for your career. Gemini you might be tempted to make travel plans, but I’d wait on that for a couple of months. Cancer you’re advised to think about how you might restructure some contacts down the road, and Leo you do best to envision what kind of future partnerships will benefit you. Virgo you naturally fret over the minutiae of your daily life but getting your head around where you want to be rather than where you are now is the way to go. Libra, you have ample energy available to create the future you want, and Scorpio, you’re envisioning how you want your home life to be. Sagittarius you’re doing great this year, and you can do even better by doubling down on the plans you have for the future.

The Best Planetary Shift That's Happened as of Late

One of the most watched events in astrology is when a planet, especially a planet that appears to move more slowly, shifts into a new sign. Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. When a planet moves into a new sign you can look for some kind of shift, event, or change. Jupiter is the greatest of all benefics, expanding anything he touches generally bringing luck and good will. Jupiter embodies philosophy, religion, belief, spirituality, and higher learning so with Jupiter moving into his home sign of Sagittarius, look out for a big shift for the better. Astrology is only as good as what you do with it as suggested through the psychological underpinnings of the great body of work of Alan Leo. Incidentally he was friends with the composer Gustav Holst who wrote the famous piece The Planets one of the most famous movements being his Jupiter movement. Also Mozart wrote a Jupiter movement. Both pieces are upbeat, optimistic, and especially with the Holst, spiritual. Look below to see how you can think about benefitting from Jupiter this next year or so, but don’t think too much. Jupiter does not like to think; he believes.  

Aries: Expect a shift for the better with higher learning, travel, and spirituality.

Taurus:Look for an expansive succession of deeply regenerative sexual experiences and also get lucky in the area of your financial contracts with others.

Gemini: Expand in your area of partnerships, relationships, and how you intersect with the public. 

Cancer: Watch your health and daily working conditions improve this year.

Leo: You ride high on your creative, erotic, and romantic spirit. 

Virgo: Things get better for you on the home front.

Libra: You’re able to expand in the area of communications and your relationship with your siblings gets a boost.

Scorpio: You get a boost in your finances this year.

Sagittarius: You yourself are on fire so strut your stuff. 

Capricorn: You retreat to a monastic space this year and expand there.

Aquarius: You expand through your friends and social networks this year. 

Pisces: Your career jumps this year. 

The Sun's Cycles, and Opting for the Moon


Moon Messages Week of June 4, 2018

Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?

The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God

What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday, which means Moon Day

As I wrote in last week’s Moon Messages column, the drive is towards the future, the future so desperately wanted. But is desire the only path towards what your soul craves? The Buddhists would say no, as it is commonly held that desire is the nature of suffering. I recently consulted for a non-profit executive who lamented the state of her employees’ morale, working hard day in and day out, year to year, pushed to exhaustion. I suggested she consider a different work cycle, that of the moon. The daily and yearly cycle is of the sun, the seasons and the day. But the moon cycle is of the month, waxing and waning. Great gains can be made on this more gradual, incremental cycle, and the heavens at this very moment suggest as much. The moon is waning in earthly Taurus, where it loves to be, building, flowering, and growing; but a waning moon seeks to dispense with what must go, dead vegetation that provides the seeds of renewal, so that new vegetation might spring forth.  Release what must go and you will find a childlike wonderment in a new start, unearthing a new, loving, homely base where you can feel your way into the future, as opposed to adjudicating the daily battles of the day and the wars of the year. 

Interpreted lunations and aspects: Mars conjoined south node squares waning, exalted moon in Taurus (moon conjoined Uranus) that moves through Gemini and waxes into Cancer. 

Aries, Born 3/21-4/19: You may be experiencing some new growing pains, as you are stepping towards an electrified and awakened state. Slow and steady wins the race, though, even if your visions dominate your spirit.

Taurus, Born 4/20-5/20: There’s disruptive energy and unavoidable questions around your self, will, and purpose. Know that these events will grow into a new, awakened self even if it’s uncomfortable at the moment.   

Gemini, Born 5/21-6/20: There is a massive amount of energy surrounding your thoughts and communication, but you must allow for a slower growth, a roast in the oven that takes time. This is critical because if you move too quickly, you will undo yourself. 

Cancer, Born 6/21-7/22:. This week is a homecoming of sorts, even if there’s a bit of disruption around your friends and social networks. Know that it’s all for the better, and that you will find a quiet homecoming where you breathe a sigh of relief, at home alone. 

Leo, Born 7/23-8/22: You’ve recently experienced disruption in your career, but it’s not one event that makes or breaks you. If you keep tending to your proverbial garden, you find a solid home in your career, even if it is hidden from you at this moment. 

Virgo, Born 8/23-9/22: As Virgo, you’re more in the air that your earthly sisters, Taurus and Capricorn, Mercury being the embodiment of your energy. Get down in the earth this week to resurface as your perfection-seeking, purifying self, and see great long term gains in travel and knowledge. 

Libra, Born 9/23-10/22: Issues with inheritances and other people’s money arise this week, and you do best to take a measured, sober stance. Even if there’s disruption, make sure to hold steady and look to the future, even if difficult past issues arise. 

Scorpio, Born 10/23-11/21: If you’ve been listening to the heavens, you been making dramatic, hard, but expansive changes over the past year. However, others can help you with the more incremental, long term game if you open up to benefical relationships and partnerships. 

Sagittarius, Born 11/22-12/21:Issues around your health and daily working conditions have been disrupted as of late. You don’t like to approach matter with conservatism, but it helps you here, along with opening yourself to the emotive line that ultimately builds your future. 

Capricorn, Born 12/22-1/19: You’re experiencing a nice expressive moment with your creative fruits, children or otherwise. Know that this will build wonderfully over time as long as you stay your normal, structured, conservative course. 

Aquarius, Born 1/20-2/18: You’re keen on the future, with the drive and verve to back it up. Yet become awakened to a building process that is gradual and adjusting rather the inspirational and fleeting to achieve your extraordinary visions.

Pisces, Born 2/19-3/20: Staying grounded in your thoughts and communication, even if they take on an eccentric quality as of late, is the key to your long term career success. It may not be as introverted and as exciting as your dreamy, colorful, creative world, but you benefit in the end.

I’m Dan Beck, a spiritual consultant and astrologer based in New Orleans, LA, and I provide a variety of offerings for your spiritual longings. To book an appointment or select one of my offerings, click here.

The Most Disruptive Week Since the 30's

new moon.jpg

Moon Messages Week of May 14, 2018

Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?

The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God

What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday, which means Moon Day

This is a momentous week in the heavens, as the new, invisible, moon situates herself in her favorite sign of Taurus, providing optimal conditions to build and grow the great materials that spring from the earth. Also, Uranus, the great awakener and disruptor, moves into Taurus, a grounded state he might not immediately relish but that could be beneficial. Uranus is the sky God, birthed from Gaia, the earth, but through the family lineage of the Gods has come down to unleash the fire of creativity upon humankind through Promethean spirit. You may experience massive, earthly disruption when Uranus takes on the garb of Taurus, but if you can adjust, this is one of the most powerful times for your potential as an individual. In fact, this type of configuration has not occurred since the mid-thirties. Be forewarned, however, that the disruptive power of Uranus can be catastrophic. The power of Taurus and Cancer will be required, especially through Venus as she moves into that protective sign next week. The word tenor comes to mind, meaning “to hold”, and heroic, physical acts such as a great, operatic tenor holding onto a climatic high note is the spirit of the next week. 

Aries, Born 3/21-4/19: You’re set to experience some massive changes in your money, possessions, and what you value. The key is to own this and not impulsively react to external circumstances. 

Taurus, Born 4/20-5/20: You are set to experience massive changes this week to who you are, your will, and purpose. Do what you do best and take ownership of how you will build upon this, and put your mind toward harnessing this disruptive energy.

Gemini, Born 5/21-6/20: Your normative state of being is to be curious, communicative, and aware, but the heavens will throw you some massive curves this week, manifesting through your emotions and dreams. You do best to sit back and process these quakes and then move forward in your extroverted, communicative manner.

Cancer, Born 6/21-7/22: You may experience disruption with your friends and social networks. The best way to approach this is to reboot and slowly supplant the social networks that feed your soul. 

Leo, Born 7/23-8/22: Taking ownership of your career, especially on a monthly time schedule, is the way for you to go. Though this may be a different pace for you, Leo, preferring to shine in the moment, this disruptive approach will pay dividends down the road.

Virgo, Born 8/23-9/22: Though not as obviously spiritual as your opposite, Pisces, you are the virgin who births great, pure things. There is set to be a great awakening in your belief system and knowledge base, and you are the one who will expand, cyclically, in your individual, revolutionary approach.

Libra, Born 9/23-10/22: Though you like to see all sides of an argument, you must take ownership of the carnal motivations of others. The heavens will force you to evaluate what the role of others are in your life and make some hard decisions with regard to them.

Scorpio, Born 10/23-11/21: There is a real opportunity for you to take ownership of the relationships in your life, and not in your carnal, furtive way. Yes, you can own the pleasures the world has to give without having to control or manipulate others. But this can take a little more time than you’re used to. 

Sagittarius, Born 11/22-12/21: You’re set to experience some disruption in your working conditions and even health. You do best not to charge ahead but rather sit and take ownership of your unfolding situation. 

Capricorn, Born 12/22-1/19: Though there has been a driving impulse towards your ambition and status, your normative mode, you have a real opportunity to express yourself creatively. This energy will be less driving and climbing and more emotive and internal, a welcome change for your state of mind. 

Aquarius, Born 1/20-2/18:You are set to experience disruption in your home life even though home is not necessarily your favorite place to be. Though your head is in the future, you need to have a home base, so you do best to put your mind towards defining your home space.

Pisces, Born 2/19-3/20: Being grounded, purposeful, and taking ownership in your communication will takes your far if you are open to expressing yourself this way. Your magic will take care of the rest. 

I’m Dan Beck, a spiritual consultant and astrologer based in New Orleans, LA, and I provide a variety of offerings for your spiritual longings. To book an appointment or select one of my offerings, click here.

Dance with Venus and the Moon

From New Earth Heartbeat.

From New Earth Heartbeat.

Moon Messages Week of April 16, 2018


Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?


The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God


What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday, which means Moon Day


There’s been a lot of talk in the astrological community recently about the difficult, squaring action between the transiting planets and signs of Aries and Capricorn. But my suggestion is to look towards the moon, in a beautiful, young, crescent state, exalted and building in earthly, Taurean energy, helped and abetted by bountiful Venus. And this week, they are coupled together if you look up towards the sky. Taurus is the most earthly of all the earth signs, and the moon finds its joy in this sign, being the steady constructor and deconstructor of the zodiac. Venus, the embodiment of the beauty of the earth in spring, finds home in Taurus. How might you approach this energy? Recognize that astrology is not all about the stars, as above so below, but also the beauty that occurs here on earth as reflected in the symbols of the seasons. Staying grounded is just as much the key to astrology as having your head in the clouds, and in the end, it comes down to the quality of your dirt. 


Aries, Born 3/21-4/19:The quakes of your birthday season are about to come to an end, but I have a way for you to look ahead. Sit and enjoy the material gifts of the Moon and Venus, because believe it or not, their creative powers are out in front of even your impressive head start. 

Taurus, Born 4/20-5/20: This week is extraordinarily beautiful for you, just make sure that you put some of the gifts received to work. Otherwise you risk hoarding them and their subsequent loss of value.

Gemini, Born 5/21-6/20: You’re wedded to your mind, but it’s actually your subconscious that drives you. Pay attention to your dreams—they’re trying to communicate with you the treasures your mind won’t bring you.

Cancer, Born 6/21-7/22: This week is a golden opportunity to water the proverbial flowers that are your friends and social networks. A little tending to this area of your life will result in massive, quick growth. And you’re good at nurturant watering anyways. 

Leo, Born 7/23-8/22: You’re animated towards your own dramatic self-expression, but your career takes precedent right now. If you tend to the earthly, mundane details of your public recognition, you are sure to succeed.

Virgo, Born 8/23-9/22: You may always have a chip on your shoulder for not receiving your due, and you should, but if you pleasurably apply your shrewd analytical skills to the expansion of your spirit and higher mind, nothing will stop you. But you must believe.

Libra, Born 9/23-10/22: It will take a little balancing (the keyword of your life), but some of the carnal drives that ache to be brought to light, be they your own or the motivations and problems of others, are actually the source of your treasures. Darkness must exist first to then be brought to light, and your darkness holds the keys to your treasure.

Scorpio, Born 10/23-11/21: You can relax a bit as the partnerships and relationships in your life bring you the resources and materials you need. It doesn’t always have to be about deeply intuiting what you need from others.

Sagittarius, Born 11/22-12/21: Though you are the most expansive sign of the zodiac, let Venus and the Moon do the “searching and seeking” for once. Let them build what you believe in and wish to come into fruition.

Capricorn, Born 12/22-1/19: You’re certainly one of the more practical signs of the zodiac, but loving the ground you seek to climb over is the answer for you this week. Why climb the mountain, dear goat, if you have a farm already at your hands?

Aquarius, Born 1/20-2/18:All of the energy of Taurus falls in your sector of home. Though you have the mind of a genius, without a home base, you are forever lost. 

Pisces, Born 2/19-3/20: All of the wonderful energy of Taurus falls in your sector of short travels, journeys, and writing. So, make good on it, and chatter away.

I’m Dan Beck, a spiritual consultant and astrologer based in New Orleans, LA, and I provide a variety of offerings for your spiritual longings. To continue this thread of text and spirit, click here.

Mourning the Seeds Who Won't Make It



Moon Messages Week of April 9, 2018


Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?


The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God


What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday, which means Moon Day

You’ve experienced the beginnings of spring with its violent burst towards brighter days, but with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The moon wanes back towards her invisible state, a recapitulation in the declamatory, initiating sign of Aries, but asks that you, as with every moon cycle, discard what has outlived its time here and mourn the seeds who won’t succeed. You are asked to look back as you envision the future that is not quite upon you.

Aries, Born 3/21-4/19:  The moon is shifting through your house of friends, hopes, and wishes, and the house of dreams and self-undoing. Take some time to open up amongst your various social networks this week, repairing your ship, as you can’t always be firing away at the helm.

Taurus, Born 4/20-5/20: What isn’t working for you in your career? The answer to that question is the key to a new, earthly flowering in your public status you never dreamed possible.

Gemini, Born 5/21-6/20: The heavens are asking you to think a bit more seriously about your future, as the past has led you to this point. Looking back will give you a clue to the type of career direction you want to achieve down the road.

Cancer, Born 6/21-7/22: Some dark, carnal feelings about your social life may bubble up this week. Allow yourself to feel these emotions, as you are the most feeling sign, and let them guide you to some mystical new directions amongst a variety of friends and social networks.

Leo, Born 7/23-8/22: Your karmic future looks golden, as you are the royal sign of the zodiac, but you must take care to nurture yourself, your social networks, and your partnerships or you’ll find yourself a despot alone.

Virgo, Born 8/23-9/22: Work can kill you, dear Virgo, so take a hard look at what hasn’t worked for you in the past and make sure not to repeat it in the future. If you reach out and ask for help, you shall receive instead of giving.

Libra, Born 9/23-10/22: Though you’re used to the gifts coming to weigh upon your scales, what hasn’t worked in your romantic life in the past? Though you are an air sign, there is energy to release the past and light your love life on fire this week, but only if you step down from your judge’s perch.

Scorpio, Born 10/23-11/21: You may be feeling a lack of security this week, especially with regard to your home and family life. You do best to honor these past feelings and allow them to lovingly propel you into the future.

Sagittarius, Born 11/22-12/21: Though you are the knowledgeable believer of the zodiac, you may be reconsidering this week how your beliefs have misfired in the past, especially with regard to communicating amongst others. No matter, you’ll be able to start fresh with the new moon later in the week and with Mercury moving out of retrograde next week as well.

Capricorn, Born 12/22-1/19: Some past issues with money might come up this week. You may have to turn to siblings and family, but if you’re honest with what’s gone wrong, they will help.

Aquarius, Born 1/20-2/18: It’s about you, the past, and the future this week. How can you combine different states of time? Leave it to you, Aquarius, to envision a totally new paradigm, but only if you feel it into existence. 

Pisces, Born 2/19-3/20: You have to be careful, Pisces, that the past doesn’t undo you this week. Make sure to dot all the I’s and cross all the t’s, especially those that you may have missed, and you’ll make it through.

I’m Dan Beck, a spiritual consultant and astrologer based in New Orleans, LA, and I provide a variety of offerings for your spiritual longings. To continue this thread of text and spirit, click here.

A New Moon, A New Year

Celebrating the Vietnamese Lunar New Year with the Dragon at Boomtown Casino in Harvey, LA

Celebrating the Vietnamese Lunar New Year with the Dragon at Boomtown Casino in Harvey, LA

Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?


The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God


What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday—Moon Day


This week is really the beginning of 2018. After coming down from the massive Super Moon at the beginning of this year, this new moon in the serious sign of Capricorn, along with five other planetary bodies, signals a year of structure-seeking, slow, and steady success. Down the street from me, there is a Vietnamese Lunar New Year’s celebration happening, ringing in the year of the Dog. The Dog is quite different from the Goat, less serious and more fun-loving, and that is the Dog’s fall in Vietnamese folklore. But the combination of the two will yield massive success for you in 2018, a care free attitude combined with sober planning, execution, and discipline. Today is also the birthday of Martin Luther King, the greatest leader to come from the United States. I was fortunate enough to hear Coretta Scott King speak at my alma mater, New England Conservatory, as I played for the commencement ceremonies my junior year. She spoke of her courtship with her husband, feeling blessed that they were called to Montgomery, Alabama, to protest in the bus boycott, and hoped that speaking at New England Conservatory would inspire her to get back into singing. She was a beautiful, self-possessed, earthly Taurus, the best manifestation of that sign and spirit, and her husband, Martin Luther King, was Capricorn, the greatest expression of ambition and success.  


Aries: 2018 could shape up to be a huge year for your career, but you must pace yourself. Place reasonable checks on your hard-driving nature, and the stars will take care of the rest.


Taurus: 2018 can be the year where you rise above the pleasures of the earth which you hold so dear. The roots that hold you in place have the ability to transport you to the heavens, and other realms of travel and knowing, if you’d only climb the beanstalk.


Gemini: 2018 will be the year where you dive into the deep, dark recesses of your soul, and make great gains. Integrating and placing structure around the rejected parts of your psyche, not your preferred domain, will prevent you from flying too high in the sky and being burned by the sun.


Cancer: 2018 will put an inordinate amount of emphasis on other individuals, relationships, and partnerships of all kinds. But remember who you are, Cancer, and never forget that love and home are the domains where you triumph.


Leo: 2018 will be the year where you put your warmth and creativity to work for you, but not without some balancing and adjusting. You succeed when you nurture yourself, the sculptor and objet d’art, working in tandem, a singular act of love and creation.


Virgo: 2018 is the year where you can truly do what you love and love what you do. Work and service are your hallmarks, but they won’t be mutually exclusive from what you love doing, and in turn, your own personal success.


Libra: 2018 will be the year of your family and home base. You’re so used to juggling and judging that which the universe throws at you that you lose the anchor of your home. No matter, as you’ll have it this year, as long as you make the necessary judgments with regard to people, places, and things that don’t nurture your home base.


Scorpio: 2018 will be the year of communication, short trips, and siblings. These aren’t necessarily the natural fields in which you play, but place some structure around these areas in your life and see how a little light-hearted, playful communication can lift you up.


Sagittarius: 2018 can be a great year for you, if you harness your fire. Remember, Apollo drove Helios’ sun, and the next sign over, Capricorn, asks you to put the reigns on your exuberance and optimism. Cautious optimism is always better than unbridled optimism.


Capricorn: 2018 and the next several years really are your years with so much planetary activity in your sign. Appreciate and be grateful for the gifts, but don’t let it get to your head, as your ambitious, success-seeking nature can do.


Aquarius: 2018 will be a year, ironically, about the past. Dredging up past karma and shedding light on the unconscious motivations that drive your present will lead you to the future visions you hold so dear.


Pisces: 2018 will be a year for succeeding, but in an unconventional way. If you get yourself organized, you will have much success with friends, larger social organizations, and even the wishes you dare to make, but only if you find some suitable, structured channels in which to swim, as a lone fish and with your school.


I’m Dan Beck, an astrologer and writer based in New Orleans, LA. To personally explore the Moon’s Messages and other spiritual themes, book an Inner Makeup session by calling 504-313-8706 or e-mailing



A Crisis Most Welcome

Image from

Image from

Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?


The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God


What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday—Moon Day


This week is destined to be anticlimactic as the moon is coming down from her massive, full, super culmination, the largest of the year. Yet that doesn’t mean this week will be uneventful, as the moon suggests you revisit, through a potential crisis of consciousness midweek, that which needs to be shed in order to make room for a fresh start in the form of the new moon next week. Then you will really get looking to your future, and your north star.

Aries: Not necessarily known for your ability to make dramatic change, invest in that type of energy this week, and dispense with everything that is uncritical. Your proverbial masthead can’t afford the extra weight.

Taurus: Content to let the seekers come your way by evidence of your enviable largesse, you’ll want to reevaluate the relationships in your life this week, and make necessary adjustments by dispensing with the bottom feeders.

Gemini: Even though this could be a treacherous week for you regarding your love life and creative world, your crisis is actually your wrong turn gone right. You’ll be surprised by the partnerships that can emerge if you just get out of your head a bit and open up to them.

Cancer: Though holding on is your MO, you're going to want to make some hard changes, especially in the realm of your family life. This opens you up to the creative space in which you’ve been wanting to relish.

Leo: Ever the golden child, this week may throw you off a bit. However, take a chance to express how you feel, good and bad, and be surprised by how far your lion’s heart can take you.

Virgo: If you’re having money troubles, or even troubles around what you value with regard to your time and money, let those feelings come to the fore. They’re probably truer than you think, and will be the key to you making positive change in your financial and “time spent” world.

Libra: This could be an usually moody week for you, even though you like to keep your head above the fray. Emotions and passions matter, though, and listen to what your shadow self has been dying to tell you, and then act on it.

Scorpio: This week is in your wheelhouse, Scorpio, as it is dark and prepping for sudden change. Don’t go overboard, though, as your love of stinging is perennially your undoing.

Sagittarius: This week could be especially difficult for you, Sagittarius, as you are ever the optimist. However, it can’t always be seashells and balloons, and a little bit of contraction will do you good.

Capricorn: This week is a homestretch for you, as the moon wanes towards new in you, Capricorn. There is much Capricornian energy in the air as of late, so continue with your plodding ways, brick by brick, and nobody can stop you.

Aquarius: You may enjoy a little bit of the chaos this week as long as you keep your rigid, futuristic wits about yourself. Believe it or not, what’s happening in the present can be just as instructive as what you know will happen in the future.

Pisces: If you act on your never ending supply of dreams, magic, your forte, will happen. But you must put the structure in place to harness the magic or else, as magic usually does, it disappears.

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The New Darkness of Jupiter

Gustav Holst's Jupiter from The Planets

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Jupiter, the planet of optimism, expansion, knowledge, and luck, has moved into…Scorpio. At first glance, this seems like odd territory for such a grandiose, buoyant planet to find itself, Scorpio being the sign of darkness, sexuality, death, power, and intuition, but I’m optimistic for Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Scorpio this coming year.

Signs are how things happen, coloring planets and points, so Jupiter entering the sign of Scorpio means this usually upbeat, glass half full, largest planet will take on a darker, more intuitive, controlling, secretive demeanor over the next year. What does this mean for you? Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, power planets that control war, physicality, and all aggressive action; and, the secretive, unseen, crystalline underworld dimensions, respectively. Jupiter always encourages you, gleefully, to expand, learn, and gallop forward, but this year, Jupiter being in Scorpio will demand, viscerally, that you make the hard, necessary changes required for you to truly rise. This is the terrain, to use Freudian language, of the Id. What is your body demanding of you that you’re not giving it? Denying your body and mind what it wants creates cognitive dissonance with the other parts of your psyche. Not all desires and wants should be acted upon, but they must be at the minimum considered, acknowledged, and dealt with to relieve tension. Acknowledging this darker, hidden part of yourself will allow your deepest, truest desires to emerge and subsequently to be grappled with. In fact, though these desires might be necessarily rejected by the ego after years of conditioning maintained through the superego, to use more Freudian language, they are in fact screaming out for love.

One of the most moving images recently to come through our computers is the image of Pluto’s broken heart, the modern ruler of Scorpio. All Pluto asks is that you deal with the depths of your soul and make the hard, necessary changes that need to be made to live the life you truly want, the big, expansive, Jupiterian life. But all too often you discard these instinctual feelings to do “the right thing” or what you think you “should be doing.”


Pluto's moving broken heart.

Fear not! Jupiter is here for the next year, and matters that are traditionally the harsh terrain of Scorpio, namely sex, death, inheritance, other people’s money and motivations, and investments, will be much easier this coming year if you heed the lesson of Jupiter and have a positive mindset, all while keeping the aggressive and controlling energy of Scorpio in mind and in check. What does this mean throughout the signs? Read on below.


Aries: This is an extremely powerful transit for you, as Jupiter will be transiting through your sector ruling sex, other people’s money, and transformations. As an already physical sign, being the ram, you might be so exuberant that you run yourself into the ground, one of your natural inclinations as an Aries. But Jupiter transiting through your eighth house, the natural house of Scorpio, asks you to stop and think about your pulsing, physical undulations and where they are perpetually leading you, but, ponder where you really, truly, deeply want to go and not simply act on physical impulse.


Taurus: Jupiter moving into Scorpio is a great chance for you to put your earthly, Taurean pleasures and gifts towards relations with partners, whether in business or marriage, and even adversaries. Taurus, you are gifted with the roots and flowers of the earth, and are often content within yourself. While this can be good, too much solipsism will drop the value of your possessions and materials, so put your value to work in relation to others and see yourself expand greatly.


Gemini: This is interesting, as it usually is with you, curious, communicative Gemini. All about flying and ideas, Jupiter in Scorpio in your work and service area this year asks you to apply, somewhat more soberly, all your flighty machinations. This may take some discipline, but your work will pay off dearly.


Cancer: Usually content to emote and feel from within, Jupiter asks you to express and dramatize your gifts of feeling and emotion this year. You don’t have to give up your self-protection and care, but if you’re being honest, you do want others to hear your song, and they want to hear it too, so invite them into your fold.


Leo: Usually you are the great, warm, dramatist, but Jupiter asks you to devote some more time at home this year and with family. Without a home base, all your creative, golden, warmth won’t mean as much if you don’t take care of your family and home sector of your chart. Plus, you have a big heart anyways, so give it to those who matter most.


Virgo: Heady Virgo, you can drop the analysis and burdens this year. You needn’t worry, rather put all that you’ve reaped, analyzed, and organized into action through commerce and communication. Open yourself up to where the work you slave over could take you, and Jupiter will help get you there, but you need to watch your martyrdom complex if you desire to expand and grow.


Libra: Jupiter just left your sign, but this is not a bad thing. The past year has been about making judgments and balancing the fruits that have come your way. Now the chips are down, and it’s time to possess that which you truly value and take only what’s necessarily. You’ll find it’s all you ever wanted in the first place instead of endlessly deliberating over what you think you may want.


Scorpio: Bam! This is a very powerful year for you, not unlike Aries, with whom you share a rulership in Mars. As harnessing and controlling your power is a perpetual issue for you, Jupiter can help, ironically, tame you, as you step into your power in more expansive, joyous modalities. It doesn’t all have to be darkness, doom, and gloom.


Sagittarius: One might be tempted to say that Jupiter in your house of dreams and the unconscious plane is a bad thing, but this may be an area for you that is yet untapped. Your ruler is Jupiter, and your MO is to know and seek, so allowing some unexpected unknowns to fortuitously appear will do you well. In other words, joyously embrace the mystery!


Capricorn: Jupiter moves through your house of friends, hopes, wishes, and larger groups. Here is a chance for you to get outside of your self-oriented, success driven nature and get out amongst the multitudes. It can’t be all work and no play, and you’ll be surprised how your new social networks and friends in fact drive and help your career from unexpected places.


Aquarius: While your futuristic visions are the necessary idealism we all in the greater society require, you do well during Jupiter’s visit to your area of career and public recognition to work on yourself and a more conservative path forward, a slow ascent to greater success rather than relying on the visions that live with your head in the clouds.


Pisces: Jupiter is your original ancient ruler, but this coming year, Jupiter visits your area of learning, knowledge, and travel. Usually content to live in your watery, dreamy, formless world, try to attain some hard knowledge with Jupiter this time around. Take a class, write, and/or go on an educational expedition rather than relying on more esoteric forms of knowing that are your natural realms.


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