Makeup and Kosmos

From Beaumiroir Bite Beauty

From Beaumiroir Bite Beauty

Many people ask “How did you become an astrologer?” It’s the most salient question as there are only a few schools dedicated to the study of astrology, and astrology itself is not an explicit part of everyday culture. Yet it permeates the thoughts and feelings of many creative persons and intermittently captures the imagination of most people. Before I was an astrologer, I was a makeup artist and cosmetics consultant, and some note the “makeup” of the name “Inner Makeup” my astrology practice. While I found the work of aesthetics gratifying, most clients enjoyed my presence more than my makeup artistry. Many makeup artists are true craftsmen of aesthetics whereas unbeknownst to me, I was engaging in Kosmos, “ordering and adorning” human beings, the root of the word cosmetic.

What does it mean to adorn a person in the classical sense of Kosmos? It means bringing forth structures perceived as harmonious and beautiful without creating rigid, stifling structures that befall the worst of the makeup arts. It means unearthing hidden, beautiful shapes in the space of a resonant, authentic expression of oneself.  

Cosmetic companies are catching onto the power of astrology, as I’ve noticed Estee Lauder and Fresh creating products with Susan Miller that reflect the heavens. But for me, the work is now invoking and adorning that which comes from within, star stuff that lives on in each one of us.