The Devil and the Moon

Saturn in close aspect with Moon Original:

Saturn in close aspect with Moon Original:


If you look up to the heavens tomorrow evening, just after 10 PM Central Time, you’ll see the planet Saturn in a close aspect with the very bright, waning gibbous Moon. This is the moment of this year that Saturn is most visible. I approach the planets, along with various symbols, signs, and omens, as an invitation to interpretation and creative reinterpretation. Thus, when I realize that Saturn and the Moon are to be very closely conjoined in the sky, in fact the most visible this year, I take note and reflect.

Saturn gets a bad rap in astrology. You’ve probably heard of your Saturn return, and even language itself has relegated that word saturnian, saturnine, saturnalia, even satan or the devil to a reviled position, meaning “slow and gloomy.” Even astrology itself is not immune as the word saturnine was originally used to describe the mood of astrologers! I’m at times inclined to agree. Regardless of the history, is there a constructive way to view Saturn? 

In her book Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey suggests that “When the disciple knows Saturn as the God who offers opportunity and does not only feel him to be Deity who brings disaster, then he is on the path of discipleship in truth and in deed and not just theoretically.” The Greco-Roman cultures understood this, exalting Kronos, the Greek equivalent to Saturn, as a ubiquitous symbol of a golden era of youth, agriculture, and abundance. Temples were erected to honor Saturn. Saturn is also the root of the word “Saturday” which is the day of rest in Judaism and a modern respite from the work week for everybody else. The key here is to find the limiting factors in your life that need to check normative and uncontrolled expansion and movement, embodied in the planet Jupiter, and subsequently make necessary, disciplined, restrictive adjustments. 

Temple of Saturn in Rome

Temple of Saturn in Rome


So what does it mean that the Moon will so closely aspect Saturn? They both take on the conservative, structure-oriented garb of the sign Capricorn, but unlike Saturn who feels at home in Capricorn, the Moon does not like being in Capricorn. The Moon would prefer to be at home in the floating, emotive sign of Cancer or the beautiful, earthly sign of Taurus. Structure and conservatism does not fit the Moon, the original planetary body of communication, emotion, spirit, and nurturance that builds things over time. Therefore, even if you’re not feeling the desire to structure yourself the way you know you need to, do it anyways. 

As you expand in your life, determine what you need to put the brakes on to truly master where it is you want to go. Saturn, though doling out destruction, can be abated by wisely making choices within the bounds of free will. Of course, there still is fate, for better and worse, but if you reject Saturn i.e. the devil’s offerings, you are sure to succeed. 

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Dance with Venus and the Moon

From New Earth Heartbeat.

From New Earth Heartbeat.

Moon Messages Week of April 16, 2018


Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?


The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God


What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday, which means Moon Day


There’s been a lot of talk in the astrological community recently about the difficult, squaring action between the transiting planets and signs of Aries and Capricorn. But my suggestion is to look towards the moon, in a beautiful, young, crescent state, exalted and building in earthly, Taurean energy, helped and abetted by bountiful Venus. And this week, they are coupled together if you look up towards the sky. Taurus is the most earthly of all the earth signs, and the moon finds its joy in this sign, being the steady constructor and deconstructor of the zodiac. Venus, the embodiment of the beauty of the earth in spring, finds home in Taurus. How might you approach this energy? Recognize that astrology is not all about the stars, as above so below, but also the beauty that occurs here on earth as reflected in the symbols of the seasons. Staying grounded is just as much the key to astrology as having your head in the clouds, and in the end, it comes down to the quality of your dirt. 


Aries, Born 3/21-4/19:The quakes of your birthday season are about to come to an end, but I have a way for you to look ahead. Sit and enjoy the material gifts of the Moon and Venus, because believe it or not, their creative powers are out in front of even your impressive head start. 

Taurus, Born 4/20-5/20: This week is extraordinarily beautiful for you, just make sure that you put some of the gifts received to work. Otherwise you risk hoarding them and their subsequent loss of value.

Gemini, Born 5/21-6/20: You’re wedded to your mind, but it’s actually your subconscious that drives you. Pay attention to your dreams—they’re trying to communicate with you the treasures your mind won’t bring you.

Cancer, Born 6/21-7/22: This week is a golden opportunity to water the proverbial flowers that are your friends and social networks. A little tending to this area of your life will result in massive, quick growth. And you’re good at nurturant watering anyways. 

Leo, Born 7/23-8/22: You’re animated towards your own dramatic self-expression, but your career takes precedent right now. If you tend to the earthly, mundane details of your public recognition, you are sure to succeed.

Virgo, Born 8/23-9/22: You may always have a chip on your shoulder for not receiving your due, and you should, but if you pleasurably apply your shrewd analytical skills to the expansion of your spirit and higher mind, nothing will stop you. But you must believe.

Libra, Born 9/23-10/22: It will take a little balancing (the keyword of your life), but some of the carnal drives that ache to be brought to light, be they your own or the motivations and problems of others, are actually the source of your treasures. Darkness must exist first to then be brought to light, and your darkness holds the keys to your treasure.

Scorpio, Born 10/23-11/21: You can relax a bit as the partnerships and relationships in your life bring you the resources and materials you need. It doesn’t always have to be about deeply intuiting what you need from others.

Sagittarius, Born 11/22-12/21: Though you are the most expansive sign of the zodiac, let Venus and the Moon do the “searching and seeking” for once. Let them build what you believe in and wish to come into fruition.

Capricorn, Born 12/22-1/19: You’re certainly one of the more practical signs of the zodiac, but loving the ground you seek to climb over is the answer for you this week. Why climb the mountain, dear goat, if you have a farm already at your hands?

Aquarius, Born 1/20-2/18:All of the energy of Taurus falls in your sector of home. Though you have the mind of a genius, without a home base, you are forever lost. 

Pisces, Born 2/19-3/20: All of the wonderful energy of Taurus falls in your sector of short travels, journeys, and writing. So, make good on it, and chatter away.

I’m Dan Beck, a spiritual consultant and astrologer based in New Orleans, LA, and I provide a variety of offerings for your spiritual longings. To continue this thread of text and spirit, click here.