There’s a Major Lunar Eclipse Coming Up. This is How You Can Harness It


There’s a major lunar eclipse set to occur on July 27that 4:21 PM EST, the largest such eclipse of the century. It will not be visible in the U.S, but it is most certainly happening. Much is being made about this eclipse, namely that it might be catastrophic, but I often choose to reflect upon the basic symbolism of an eclipse as a clue to how it might function, rather than engaging in doomsday scenarios. Ultimately, the symbolic resonance on your individual level is more important than world events coinciding with this eclipse. 

To interpret astrological symbolism, one must first analyze what is happening astronomically. A solar eclipse is when the moon moves exactly between the sun and the earth. A lunar eclipse is when the earth’s shadow created by the sun eclipses the moon. The latter is what we will be experiencing. 

I’ve always felt that a solar eclipse places the primacy of the moon above the sun; simply put, it is the moon blocking the sun, and traditionally, the moon has been the feminine body of spirit, nurturance, personality, and what one needs. Thus, in a solar eclipse, the moon asserts herself. However, this eclipse will favor the sun, the planetary body of driving will, purpose, ego, and the compulsive force of one’s life. So how will this eclipse pan out?

Each planetary body, at any moment, occupies a sign and takes on its garb and character. For example, in this eclipse, the sun will be in Leo, its preferred, regal home, radiating the warmth of the lion. The moon will be in the opposite sign of cold, technological, yet social Aquarius. This immediately sets up a polarization of dramatic self-expression (Sun in Leo) with emotional futurism (Moon is in Aquarius). A lunar eclipse is the sun opposed to the moon. The lunar nodes are always at play in an eclipse, lining up with both the sun and the moon, and the south node, or your past karma, happens to be in company with this moon. The north node, or karmic future, happens to be conjoined with the sun. Also in close company with the moon is fiery, aggressive Mars.

I interpret this south node as future visions that have not come to pass and hopes that may never come to materialize, yet you still may want to fight for. This could happen in the space of social media and the realm of communications, but moves in this direction, though you may be tempted, are ill-advised. Past karma is where do best to hang and ruminate, not move. It’s the caboose of the train or the tail of the dragon—along for the ride.

Alternately, the north node, or head of the dragon, is situated in Leo with the Sun, a more fortunate position. You are favored when you express, an apt word for Leo, your golden, royal, dramatic self rather than the heady, cold, moon and south node in Aquarius also coupled with  driving Mars that can potentially cause trouble. 

There is a final option for you—that of the belly of the dragon, between the fire breathing north node and the tail of the south node. Instead of acting, be aware of the motives of others, and adjust—Scorpio;  and, take ownership of that which you value—Taurus. Those are the two signs that sit in the middle of the eclipse, splitting the difference between fiery self-expression and cold, calculated futurism. The choice is yours as long as you submit to a negotiation with the heavens, neither fearing fate, nor challenging destiny.  

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A Holy Trine in the Sky

Carved image of the Island God, Makemake, now a dwarf planet as well

Carved image of the Island God, Makemake, now a dwarf planet as well

In the sky, there is a holy trine between Makemake, the pioneering, spirit-seeking island God, courageous Mars, and a bubbly, extroverted Sun in Gemini. While this is wonderful energy to surge ahead with your visions of the future, remember that the moon has made a wonderful pass over Jupiter in the sky, the expansive Jupiter that has taken on a darker tone for the past year, being in the undertaking sign of Scorpio. Now, the ecstatic full moon has entered Sagittarius, the believer who values knowledge above all else. It is critical while getting carried away with your courageous, curious, and pioneering movements that you remember it is belief and earned knowledge that stands you in the best stead as you move forward, as Sagittarius is the centaur and archer, human and animal spirit ideally combined, reflected in this climactic moon of the moment.

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Choosing Venus, and the Waning Moon

Moon Messages Week of May 7, 2018


Most astrology focuses on the Sun—Your Will and Purpose

But what about the Moon?



The Moon is the Embodiment of Communication, Emotion, and Spirit

The Goddess

Opposite God


What is the Moon’s Message to You?

That is the Will and Purpose of This Column

Published Every Monday, which means Moon Day

As the beautiful days of Taurus have begun their denouement, so is the moon waning. This is not necessarily an easy wane, as the moon looks toward the future while letting go of the past, starting off the week inhabiting the sign of visionary Aquarius. What are you to do? Inquire, especially with others whom you find wondrous and beautiful, about what the coming months hold for you. Your questions and curiosity take on a child-like tone as sociable Venus wears the energy of extroverted, playful Gemini, and this is a better approach than joining with war-mongering Mars. Be a child who drops the toy that no longer holds his attention, and you will move forward triumphantly. 

Aries, Born 3/21-4/19: Relating to others is not necessarily your forte, but reach out and let others do your pioneering work for you. 

Taurus, Born 4/20-5/20: Past failures don’t have to indicate future gains, especially with regard to your status and career. Become a child as you playfully envision what the future may hold.

Gemini, Born 5/21-6/20: The wonderful benefic planet Venus is in your sign, and the moon beautifully aspects her, so there’s no limit to your love and social life.

Cancer, Born 6/21-7/22: Confronting your thoughts and feelings about love and relationships may not be easy, but when you bring them to light, you become a master of the social arena. 

Leo, Born 7/23-8/22: You’re desperate to move forward but, your past seems to be holding you back with regard to your future plans. Don’t worry about the past as it’s already behind you.

Virgo, Born 8/23-9/22: You’re feeling your past especially as it relates to health and working conditions. Your future is not wedded to the past but rather your dramatic motion forwards, even if it’s a dream unbeknownst to you. 

Libra, Born 9/23-10/22: You’re feeling the past especially as it relates to your creative offspring. Even though this is where your emotions are, try to get outside of them and be curious about how the higher realms of thought and spirit can take you to your next destination. 

Scorpio, Born 10/23-11/21: Your thoughts are dedicated to how you can place the structures to support your ambition and success, but take a moment to remember the past as you move forward, lest you sting someone else and cause your own demise. 

Sagittarius, Born 11/22-12/21: Your thoughts and feelings are dominated by the past, but you’re moving towards a higher, more knowledge-driven future. This will take some dramatic expression on your part, as opposed to your usual blunt, seeking movements.

Capricorn, Born 12/22-1/19: There may be some money troubles, but money comes in the form of values. When you decide what really matters for you, your past money troubles will lead to future gains. 

Aquarius, Born 1/20-2/18:Though you desperately want to move to the future, as Aquarius is the sign of the future, you’re feeling the weight of the past. A warm, golden lover will help, if you’re open to the drama of a relationship. 

Pisces, Born 2/19-3/20: You may have some unresolved issues regarding past ideals for your future. You must honor these feelings, or they could be your undoing. 

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The New Darkness of Jupiter

Gustav Holst's Jupiter from The Planets

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Jupiter, the planet of optimism, expansion, knowledge, and luck, has moved into…Scorpio. At first glance, this seems like odd territory for such a grandiose, buoyant planet to find itself, Scorpio being the sign of darkness, sexuality, death, power, and intuition, but I’m optimistic for Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Scorpio this coming year.

Signs are how things happen, coloring planets and points, so Jupiter entering the sign of Scorpio means this usually upbeat, glass half full, largest planet will take on a darker, more intuitive, controlling, secretive demeanor over the next year. What does this mean for you? Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, power planets that control war, physicality, and all aggressive action; and, the secretive, unseen, crystalline underworld dimensions, respectively. Jupiter always encourages you, gleefully, to expand, learn, and gallop forward, but this year, Jupiter being in Scorpio will demand, viscerally, that you make the hard, necessary changes required for you to truly rise. This is the terrain, to use Freudian language, of the Id. What is your body demanding of you that you’re not giving it? Denying your body and mind what it wants creates cognitive dissonance with the other parts of your psyche. Not all desires and wants should be acted upon, but they must be at the minimum considered, acknowledged, and dealt with to relieve tension. Acknowledging this darker, hidden part of yourself will allow your deepest, truest desires to emerge and subsequently to be grappled with. In fact, though these desires might be necessarily rejected by the ego after years of conditioning maintained through the superego, to use more Freudian language, they are in fact screaming out for love.

One of the most moving images recently to come through our computers is the image of Pluto’s broken heart, the modern ruler of Scorpio. All Pluto asks is that you deal with the depths of your soul and make the hard, necessary changes that need to be made to live the life you truly want, the big, expansive, Jupiterian life. But all too often you discard these instinctual feelings to do “the right thing” or what you think you “should be doing.”


Pluto's moving broken heart.

Fear not! Jupiter is here for the next year, and matters that are traditionally the harsh terrain of Scorpio, namely sex, death, inheritance, other people’s money and motivations, and investments, will be much easier this coming year if you heed the lesson of Jupiter and have a positive mindset, all while keeping the aggressive and controlling energy of Scorpio in mind and in check. What does this mean throughout the signs? Read on below.


Aries: This is an extremely powerful transit for you, as Jupiter will be transiting through your sector ruling sex, other people’s money, and transformations. As an already physical sign, being the ram, you might be so exuberant that you run yourself into the ground, one of your natural inclinations as an Aries. But Jupiter transiting through your eighth house, the natural house of Scorpio, asks you to stop and think about your pulsing, physical undulations and where they are perpetually leading you, but, ponder where you really, truly, deeply want to go and not simply act on physical impulse.


Taurus: Jupiter moving into Scorpio is a great chance for you to put your earthly, Taurean pleasures and gifts towards relations with partners, whether in business or marriage, and even adversaries. Taurus, you are gifted with the roots and flowers of the earth, and are often content within yourself. While this can be good, too much solipsism will drop the value of your possessions and materials, so put your value to work in relation to others and see yourself expand greatly.


Gemini: This is interesting, as it usually is with you, curious, communicative Gemini. All about flying and ideas, Jupiter in Scorpio in your work and service area this year asks you to apply, somewhat more soberly, all your flighty machinations. This may take some discipline, but your work will pay off dearly.


Cancer: Usually content to emote and feel from within, Jupiter asks you to express and dramatize your gifts of feeling and emotion this year. You don’t have to give up your self-protection and care, but if you’re being honest, you do want others to hear your song, and they want to hear it too, so invite them into your fold.


Leo: Usually you are the great, warm, dramatist, but Jupiter asks you to devote some more time at home this year and with family. Without a home base, all your creative, golden, warmth won’t mean as much if you don’t take care of your family and home sector of your chart. Plus, you have a big heart anyways, so give it to those who matter most.


Virgo: Heady Virgo, you can drop the analysis and burdens this year. You needn’t worry, rather put all that you’ve reaped, analyzed, and organized into action through commerce and communication. Open yourself up to where the work you slave over could take you, and Jupiter will help get you there, but you need to watch your martyrdom complex if you desire to expand and grow.


Libra: Jupiter just left your sign, but this is not a bad thing. The past year has been about making judgments and balancing the fruits that have come your way. Now the chips are down, and it’s time to possess that which you truly value and take only what’s necessarily. You’ll find it’s all you ever wanted in the first place instead of endlessly deliberating over what you think you may want.


Scorpio: Bam! This is a very powerful year for you, not unlike Aries, with whom you share a rulership in Mars. As harnessing and controlling your power is a perpetual issue for you, Jupiter can help, ironically, tame you, as you step into your power in more expansive, joyous modalities. It doesn’t all have to be darkness, doom, and gloom.


Sagittarius: One might be tempted to say that Jupiter in your house of dreams and the unconscious plane is a bad thing, but this may be an area for you that is yet untapped. Your ruler is Jupiter, and your MO is to know and seek, so allowing some unexpected unknowns to fortuitously appear will do you well. In other words, joyously embrace the mystery!


Capricorn: Jupiter moves through your house of friends, hopes, wishes, and larger groups. Here is a chance for you to get outside of your self-oriented, success driven nature and get out amongst the multitudes. It can’t be all work and no play, and you’ll be surprised how your new social networks and friends in fact drive and help your career from unexpected places.


Aquarius: While your futuristic visions are the necessary idealism we all in the greater society require, you do well during Jupiter’s visit to your area of career and public recognition to work on yourself and a more conservative path forward, a slow ascent to greater success rather than relying on the visions that live with your head in the clouds.


Pisces: Jupiter is your original ancient ruler, but this coming year, Jupiter visits your area of learning, knowledge, and travel. Usually content to live in your watery, dreamy, formless world, try to attain some hard knowledge with Jupiter this time around. Take a class, write, and/or go on an educational expedition rather than relying on more esoteric forms of knowing that are your natural realms.


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Packenham's, and Pisces', Demise

Obelisk at Chalmette National Park

Obelisk at Chalmette National Park

My sister-in-law and I visited the site of the Battle of New Orleans at the old Chalmette plantation, five miles outside of New Orleans. As a logical Virgo with an inquisitive Gemini moon, I found myself wondering why Andrew Jackson, the ranking general, later to become president, won the battle and why the British General Edward Pakenham lost. There are always many analyses for why one loses a battle, but character is destiny, so I decided to look up General Pakenham’s chart to see if I could find some clues as to what spiritual traits caused his demise that fateful day.

Edward Packenham's birth chart, time unknown, natural houses. Astrograph Software.

Edward Packenham's birth chart, time unknown, natural houses. Astrograph Software.

Interestingly, both General Pakenham and General Jackson were both Pisces Decan 3, the third Decan of Pisces being ruled by Mars. Jackson employed secret tactics, such as blowing up a British stronghold in the dead of night, much to the consternation of Pakenham’s European sensibilities. Yet Pakenham also issued his own "Secret Orders." This seemed to be a clue as to who would win. Who would win the race to the bottom of the Piscean self-undoing? Who could manage secrets and mishaps? Who could win a dance of Mars and Neptune as ruling planets?

General Pakenham felt that this war should not have been adjudicated in the first place, Piscean intuition, but it seems that fate, and his lot of fortune and Neptune in Virgo, was working against his higher mine and strategy, regardless. General Packenham would be the masthead, with Mars in Aries trining Jupiter in Leo, the king as the ram, expanding beyond his earlier successes in the Napoleonic Wars. Many communication mishaps occurred during Pakenham’s Battle of New Orleans, high tech artillery that failed, orders misunderstood, as his weaker waning moon in Sagittarius opposes an eccentric Uranus in Gemini, requiring perhaps the nurturance of Ceres in Gemini to give better commands and lend itself to more creative, thoughtful strategy. Devilish and magical Mercury in Pisces doesn’t help either, squaring off against Uranus in Gemini.

General Pakenham was last seen galloping towards Jackson’s line, switching horses in vain, Mars in Aries conjunct Chiron in Pisces, painfully never able to escape the dissolving waters of his planets in Pisces, especially Venus, an unrequited love left unabated due to his long military career that finally ended on the fields of Chalmette.  

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