Amber Or Johnny?

Whom do you believe? Johnny or Amber? It’s a tough position to be in. Amber Heard has just leveled serious, career-threatening allegations at Johnny Depp including accusations and photographic evidence of physical and verbal abuse. Johnny Depp has responded by launching a bunch of surrogates to claim Amber is shaking him down. What are you to do? Don’t believe either. Believe in their astrology.

Johnny Depp is a classic Gemini. Geminis are the outsiders, the airy twins who were the first humans to live outside of the Garden of Eden. Gemini represents a glibness and flightiness associated with the child-like beckoning of the early months of summer. We see this in Johnny Depp. He seems never to have grown up. He plays fantasy parts in his major movie franchises, has always maintained a hard-partying, violent, rock lifestyle, and even as these serious accusations are being leveled against him, he’s off playing concerts in Europe. What gives? Amber is a Taurus.

This is some classic s%^t. Taurus is Eve. She is possessive, earthly, and the materials of the world come easily to her. She’s also eats from the forbidden fruit and offers it up to Adam, commencing her fall from grace. Is Amber Johnny’s foil? Probably. She is also a mother figure he is trying to reclaim as his mother had been ill and recently passed away. It’s Oedipal and Biblical, Johnny trying to get with Taurus (Eve), his mother, and also attempting to get back into paradise. Even though Gemini has all of the airy, creative power, Taurus maintains the upper hand with her earthly prowess.

But as we know, once man falls from grace he is never allowed back in. Paradise has already been lost. Johnny already was fallen, being the outsider for most of his life. Perhaps this explains his obsessive need for love, fame, and self-medication. Unfortunately for him, loneliness is the fate bestowed upon those lost. Trying to find one’s way back to his mother will only result in his and her destruction, wandering blindly as Oedipus did. Strangely, Gemini still maintains a glib attitude about all of this, having never known the bliss of paradise.

As for Amber, she may yet live to see another day, withstanding the pains God bestows upon Eve. Taurus, being an enduring, materially replete earth sign, may get the windfall she covets. Only at the expense and the fall of herself, and her child, or twins, in Johnny. 

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