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Here is a link to your horoscopes for the next couple of weeks. It looks like a good couple of weeks with the very fortunate star Spica involved, but after these couple of weeks, things get dark…I’ve been partnering with Ambush Magazine to put these out. If you’re having trouble reading them, it’s page 55 in the print edition that is uploaded online.

Bi-Weekly Horoscopes in Ambush Magazine!

Original Link:

Original Link:

Over the course of this blog, I’ve periodically written traditional sun-sign horoscopes. Now I’ve partnered with Ambush Magazine to write bi-weekly horoscopes. This is very exciting as Ambush Magazine reaches over one million readers annually in the Gulf South region stretching from Texas to Florida. Here is a link to the online print edition. Enjoy!

Are You Stressed?



I got asked which astrology signs are most prone to stress. Obviously all human beings get stressed, but three signs stuck out to me.

1. Virgo: Virgos might lay claim to being the most stressed. The perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgos have a tendency to rely on analysis and logic and in turn become paralyzed by their thinking. Virgos do much better taking action rather than responding to situations with the mind. They surprise themselves by how well things go when they get out of their heads!

2. Scorpio: Scorpios are the most intense, passionate creatures of the zodiac. Carnally drawn to others, Scorpios get in deep with all relationships and become obsessed. This is a problem because they can't let go. The solution is to be frank about the underlying motivations of partnerships and relationships. Clarifying hidden agendas allows the Scorpion to truly take control. 

3. Aries: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the rams are always the first to lead the pack. Viscerally athletic, they are prone to injury and burnout because they don't pace themselves, and this can lead to stress and melancholy. They key is taking time to rest and repair. 

Zodiac signs are prone to stress due to what the Ionian philosopher, Heraclitus, observed: character is destiny. Your character is largely defined by your sun sign. The sun powers everything but can burn you as well. So who we are invariably leads us to certain life situations. However, destiny is always negotiable so who we are is not a rubber stamp on life outcomes. 

Is the amateur just as good as the pro?

I competed in the Astrological Association of Britain’s Costume Contest, Lead into Gold.

I competed in the Astrological Association of Britain’s Costume Contest, Lead into Gold.

I recently attended the Astrological Association of Great Britain’s annual conference. What surprised me was profiting from interactions with the delegates just as much as the speakers. While there were wonderful speakers, connecting with everyday people who practice astrology nourished and encouraged my own astrological pursuits. The delegates were inspiring, original, and extra ordinary, being both exceptional and ordinary. This provoked a thought on my part. Are those who practice astrology with “less” knowledge equal to the erudite astrologers? Yes, and this is empirically true. In the book Moment of Astrology Geoffrey Cornelius cites a study where “less experienced astrologers did just as well as their more experienced counterparts.” (61). This is not to impugn professional astrologers but it does hold that you, dear reader, who may have less experience in the art of astrology can perform just as well as the pros. Every time you engage in astrology you have the chance for insight and revelation. I spoke about this last winter at Academie Gnostique. So whether you’re a practicing astrologer like myself or someone who is less experienced in the most divine of all arts, remember that even at a professional astrology conference where the best in the world gather it’s been proven that you’re just as good. I certainly learned as much. 

Akshaya Tritiya--The Most Fortunate Day of the Year

Kubera and Lakshmi, God and Goddess of Protection and Wealth

Kubera and Lakshmi, God and Goddess of Protection and Wealth

The Best Day According to the Hindu Calendar—Make a Wish!

Monday May 6—This evening through tomorrow evening is the most fortunate day of the year! There is ample energy to initiate a project or dream you’ve so wanted, and you have the resources to make this happen. Your mind may be scattered, however, so make sure you put your mind to what you want rather than focusing on irrelevant things. You will end up with a less than stellar result if you fail to focus. Whatever you’re thinking about will manifest. Have the grace to accept the good fortune you are being given. 

The Welcome Death of Ambition

Moon Messages May 2, 2019—Cold, calculating ambition can take you only so far. Your past karma has come due, and you are being called to take a more emotive approach that leads you into future. This is a spiritual lesson as you experience losses. But the true key is your feelings—protecting them at all costs so you can feel the way you want. This is how you move forward; privileging the quality of your mental state rather than perceived success. 

Aries: You experience losses in your career but how you feel when you’re at work is much more important. State of mind precedes ambition.  

Taurus: You’ll be asked to review some past karma involving contacts and other countries. By letting go of those relationships, you benefit, even though it might mean some losses.

Gemini: Bet on yourself today. You have good fortune being yourself even if it means some losses in contracts you’ve been working on. 

Cancer: You experience a loss in a partnership but make gains by striking out on your own.

Leo: You may be having some health issues, but taking action to surround yourself with good friends will help.

Virgo: Your mind is very sexually charged right now and this even might bring you some luck in travels but this will ironically cost you in romance. You’ll have to choose between a carnal attraction and sweet love.

Libra: You experience some losses on the home front and in a partnership, but relying on a sibling will help you through this situation.

Scorpio: You’re experiencing some difficulty with siblings but the tension helps you renegotiate some family contracts.

Sagittarius: You have some losses in money but this helps you clarify the partnerships that can actually help you. 

Capricorn: You’re questioning who you are at a core level and feel that you are lacking a solid base from which to answer these difficult questions. Focusing on the mundane aspects of life—daily work, coworkers, and health—help abate the deep questions for a bit. 

Aquarius: Some hidden enemies are draining your energy right now. You discover who they are or their vampirism will continue. 

Pisces: You experience losses in friends but this helps activate some effort you’ve needed to make in the financial realm. Driving action to Seek harmony with your money is the path forward. 


The Moon's Rise as a Fall

Moon Messages Monday April 29—This week’s rise is actually a fall. You benefit by taking it easy and find a little bit of luck by taking this approach. The moon is waning and you’re able to construct some stability here. 

Aries: For the past week or so, you’ve been a driving force in matters of love, sweet love. But finding stability in love is difficult to achieve when you’re on an aggressive hunt, so loosen up a bit.

Taurus: You do well this week when you let a few friends go who have outlived their usefulness.

Gemini: You’re feeling a little unclear about the direction of your career but a headstrong, head smart friend will help you sort out the matter. 

Cancer: It’s a good day for you Cancer especially if you’ve had any legal proceedings. They resolve favorably. 

Leo: There’s a lover in a faraway land who has designs on you, but I’d pass on this one. 

Virgo: Your partner is in a dreamier state of mind than usual but this helps free you up so enjoy it a bit.

Libra: You have a fated encounter today with a partner who has the hots for you. There’s no stopping it so have fun and let him be on the pursuit. 

Scorpio: Your partner is emphasized today, but stay grounded in yourself lest you lose your footing. 

Sagittarius: Your body, heart, and mind will be on fire this week but this might pull you away from a partner who is equally aggressive. Make sure to cool it.

Capricorn: You’re serious this week, but there is an optimistic underpinning to what you’re doing. Bring this into the light and see great gains. 

Aquarius: You make gains this week financially by not being so scientific about your approach to money.

Pisces: You’ll be reviewing the trajectory of your career in the coming weeks. There will be some tension around this but it will ultimately manifest into something good. 

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Welcome To Moon Messages For Thursday 4/25

Moon Messages Thursday 4/25—As I mentioned before, this week has been on fire but advantageous manifestation of this energy comes when you dowse the fire with a little bit of water. While you’re charging ahead, breaking new ground, your stability is disrupted. How can you handle this energy? Read on below for your individual sign.

Aries: You’re ramming ahead in romance, but it’s communication that has you dancing with your love.

Taurus: This month brings you a surprise that shakes you to the core upending your perception of self. This will require adjustment in the coming weeks.

Gemini: Your mind has been on fire for the past month even more than usual. Make sure to douse this energy with some water or you will be overtaken by a metaphorical earthquake.

Leo: You yourself find good fortune, especially in romance. Enjoy it.

Virgo: You have a great chance to communicate what it is you’re dreaming about in your career but not without a little tension. Tension is the energy that builds a solid foundation for the future, so don’t be afraid to go there.

Libra: A partner is being aggressive in matters of love, but you do best to apply your balanced approach.

Scorpio: You continue to make financial gains, but make sure you factor in how you’ll handle surprises that have popped up.

Sagittarius: You’ve been expanding this year, more so than any time in the past decade, but have experienced unexpected bumps in the road. That’s ok. Stay the course.

Capricorn: You have a deep need to maintain your current, measured course, but the heavens are demanding something different. Transformation is necessary in life, and the structures that are toppling now will help you build the structures that are truly sustainable down the road.

Aquarius: The surprises at home have come to a head this week; you do best to accept these surprises and expand upon them, even if it doesn’t fit your plan.

Pisces: You make gains by asserting yourself in love, even if it’s a bit debilitating in the process.

A Bang and a Surprise

Moon Messages for Monday 4/22—May Day. This week starts with a bang and surprise. The murky waters of the past couple of months are gone. Your mind is on fire, your relationships are on fire, and you have a deep emotional need to ride into battle. I’m not sure there is any stopping this energy although dowsing this element of fire with a bit of water will do you well. Structures will break down but you make deep spiritual gains if you’re open to the lesson being taught.

Aries: Disruption can be good for money as long as you prepare for surprises and accept that they are an inevitable part of change. 

Taurus: You’ll be surprised at yourself and learn that you are more the rebel than you realized.

Gemini: You’re firing on all cylinders but realize in the next week you need to balance that fire with the cooling effects of a cold splash of water.

Cancer: You’ve been engaged with your karmic future for some time now but you can only ride into the future by making adjustments. Assert yourself in relationships to charge ahead.

Leo: You might think you need to go on a vacation with your lover but actually going on a vacation where you can express yourself individually is the way to go.

Virgo: Bet on yourself as you have good fortune being who you are.

Libra: You invariably seek balance and the highest of aesthetic standards but a partner will be brandishing aggression. Don’t get sucked into this; go with your will and force that lacks ego.

Scorpio: Instead of relying on your investigative ability use your resources of knowledge and belief to make financial gains.

Sagittarius: You’re feeling your normal urges to charge ahead so you might as well.

Capricorn: Conservative, plodding ambition can be cold and lonely, and deep down you’re craving transcendence and belief in something more than yourself. You must listen to this or it will be your undoing.

Aquarius: You’ll experience some disruption at home; maybe you’ll even disrupt your home. It’s going to happen. So you might as well go with it.

Pisces: You make gains in what you value by asserting yourself and articulating beliefs. 

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Welcome To Moon Messages For Sunday April 21

Sunday April 21—It’s Sun Day as the sun rules the day. The Sun has become the sitting bull of Taurus. This is one of the best times on earth here during the year but abundance brings connections with others re: how your resources intersect with others. In other words—who wants what you have?  Aries you’ve lost some of your energy this weekend but you benefit by sitting on what you’ve earned recently. Taurus is your time of year so enjoy and Gemini you have some hidden materials to reap but you must be on the lookout for the. Cancer you are enjoying the pleasures of being with your friends and Leo you come into some great material rewards in your career. Virgo you do well to lean on siblings to clarify and communicate your emotions and Libra issues around money become intensified. Scorpio you do best to lean on a partner’s resources and Sagittarius you have some deep emotions that could be your self-undoing in you’re not careful. Capricorn you experience the sensual pleasures of romance and Aquarius you’re drinking merrily amongst friends. Pisces you make some hard-earned gains by asserting yourself in relationships.

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Welcome To Moon Messages For Saturday 4/20/2019


Saturday April 20—Things are unclear today although this isn’t necessarily bad. Saturn Day is about restriction and study so you benefit by spiritually taking it easy. Aries you’ll want to ram ahead but you manifest by changing this attitude towards a more conservative approach and Taurus you experience a deeply emotional day with a partner. Gemini you require emotional adjustment and Cancer you win by privileging your mind over emotions. Leo you enjoy a natural state of manifestation as you stay grounded and Virgo you enjoy the limitations of the day. Libra you make gains by going with emotion of the mind and Scorpio you experience a spiritual and emotional day that sees you letting go. Sagittarius you benefit by staying grounded by accepting some of the surprises you receive in you daily life and Capricorn you benefit by being more spiritual and less material. Aquarius you have a bit of trouble letting go of some of your ideas you hold so dear but that might not be grounded here on earth and Pisces you are advised to structure your time around friends today.

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Welcome To Moon Messages For Friday 4/19/2019


Friday April 19—You square off against partners today but you actually do better to let the matter go and choose love instead. Remember it’s Venus Day. Aries this is especially difficult for you and Taurus you might experience some disruption around this. Gemini you are not so worried about this as you’re in your creative groove and Cancer you get caught in the middle of others’ battles. Leo you do best to use your reasoning to resolve this issues and Virgo you experience this skirmish amongst your siblings. Libra you benefit financially by looking into the motivations of business partners and Scorpio you are especially emotional today but you have good fortune with this. Sagittarius early in the day you can achieve balance rather than diving deep. Capricorn you experience some tension in manifesting balance but this becomes easier as the day goes on and Aquarius you experience some good fortune with a change in your career. Pisces this is the last chance to make some judgments regarding your health and daily life.

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Welcome To Moon Messages For Thursday 4/18/2019

Thursday April 18—You’ve achieved a harmonious balance of emotions and conscious thought processes. Now you have a chance to dance. So often is creative spirit pushed aside for the humdrum of daily life but you have good fortune when you make this an emotional and spiritual priority. Aries you dance with your brothers and sisters and Taurus you surprise people with your jovial spirit. Gemini this upbeat, childlike, spirit comes naturally to you and Cancer you’re exalted as you feel the beat. Leo self-expression comes naturally amongst your friends and Virgo you have to understand that balance is key for you, especially in the area of earning income. Libra you achieve the emotional balance you’ve been seeking and Scorpio you have good fortune being the deeply emotional self that you are. Sagittarius you benefit from using this jovial spirit to exchange higher minded ideals amongst friends and Capricorn hidden fun is available to you as long as you look for it and Aquarius you benefit from engaging a more balanced as opposed to futuristic approach to your thinking. Pisces you’ll need to adjust your thinking to get out of the hazy fog of your current spiritual state.

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Mother’s Day is coming up so give Mom the greatest gift possible—the celebration of herself as divined through the stars. Visit to book a session. Use special offer code “MOON” to get 20% off any reading for Mom.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Sunday April 14


Sunday April 14—There’s no stopping you today. The heavens are on fire so shine the most possible light you can. The sun the moon and grand Jupiter all come into alignment indicating massive expansion, fiery assertiveness, and dramatic leanings. As Sunday is the sun’s day, this bodes well for your overall success. This will be one of the fieriest times of the year so make the best of it!

Welcome To Moon Messages For Saturday April 13


This will be a dramatic weekend, and you generally have good fortune with this although there may be some disruptive unexpected surprises along the way. Aries your driving aggressive energy will turn to a more expressive and romantic stance that opens your heart and Taurus you feel an urge to sing and dance around the house—go for it. Gemini your communication takes on a more theatrical tone than usual possibly amongst your siblings and Cancer you’re reaping the rewards from your insistence that you stay home. Leo you’re in your element this weekend, basking in your radiant glory and Virgo you need to make sure you take care of your spiritual need to be the center of attention. Libra you are the center of attention with your friends this weekend and Scorpio you step out of the shadows, your usual zone, and come to the fore of you career life even though it’s the weekend. Sagittarius you’re feeling philosophical but you do better when you live out your philosophical leanings rather than pondering the world’s mysteries and Capricorn you’re going to need to adjust some contracts this weekend, although you do well with this. Aquarius this is the weekend your partner will be in a romantic mood, so go with it and Pisces take some dramatic steps to make sure your health is in line.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Friday April 12


Friday April 12—The tension you felt yesterday that demanded you protect and nurture yourself has somewhat abated today with Venus ruling the day and casting beautiful, flowing aspects to the moon. There is still a need to allow past structures to fall by the wayside while building new structures that better serve. This is the challenge—feeling the future while having the discipline to construct it. But it’s Venus Day. Let go, take care of yourself, and let the chips fall where they will.