A Bang and a Surprise



Moon Messages for Monday 4/22—May Day. This week starts with a bang and surprise. The murky waters of the past couple of months are gone. Your mind is on fire, your relationships are on fire, and you have a deep emotional need to ride into battle. I’m not sure there is any stopping this energy although dowsing this element of fire with a bit of water will do you well. Structures will break down but you make deep spiritual gains if you’re open to the lesson being taught.

Aries: Disruption can be good for money as long as you prepare for surprises and accept that they are an inevitable part of change. 

Taurus: You’ll be surprised at yourself and learn that you are more the rebel than you realized.

Gemini: You’re firing on all cylinders but realize in the next week you need to balance that fire with the cooling effects of a cold splash of water.

Cancer: You’ve been engaged with your karmic future for some time now but you can only ride into the future by making adjustments. Assert yourself in relationships to charge ahead.

Leo: You might think you need to go on a vacation with your lover but actually going on a vacation where you can express yourself individually is the way to go.

Virgo: Bet on yourself as you have good fortune being who you are.

Libra: You invariably seek balance and the highest of aesthetic standards but a partner will be brandishing aggression. Don’t get sucked into this; go with your will and force that lacks ego.

Scorpio: Instead of relying on your investigative ability use your resources of knowledge and belief to make financial gains.

Sagittarius: You’re feeling your normal urges to charge ahead so you might as well.

Capricorn: Conservative, plodding ambition can be cold and lonely, and deep down you’re craving transcendence and belief in something more than yourself. You must listen to this or it will be your undoing.

Aquarius: You’ll experience some disruption at home; maybe you’ll even disrupt your home. It’s going to happen. So you might as well go with it.

Pisces: You make gains in what you value by asserting yourself and articulating beliefs. 

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Welcome To Moon Messages For Sunday April 21

Sunday April 21—It’s Sun Day as the sun rules the day. The Sun has become the sitting bull of Taurus. This is one of the best times on earth here during the year but abundance brings connections with others re: how your resources intersect with others. In other words—who wants what you have?  Aries you’ve lost some of your energy this weekend but you benefit by sitting on what you’ve earned recently. Taurus is your time of year so enjoy and Gemini you have some hidden materials to reap but you must be on the lookout for the. Cancer you are enjoying the pleasures of being with your friends and Leo you come into some great material rewards in your career. Virgo you do well to lean on siblings to clarify and communicate your emotions and Libra issues around money become intensified. Scorpio you do best to lean on a partner’s resources and Sagittarius you have some deep emotions that could be your self-undoing in you’re not careful. Capricorn you experience the sensual pleasures of romance and Aquarius you’re drinking merrily amongst friends. Pisces you make some hard-earned gains by asserting yourself in relationships.

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Welcome To Moon Messages For Saturday 4/20/2019


Saturday April 20—Things are unclear today although this isn’t necessarily bad. Saturn Day is about restriction and study so you benefit by spiritually taking it easy. Aries you’ll want to ram ahead but you manifest by changing this attitude towards a more conservative approach and Taurus you experience a deeply emotional day with a partner. Gemini you require emotional adjustment and Cancer you win by privileging your mind over emotions. Leo you enjoy a natural state of manifestation as you stay grounded and Virgo you enjoy the limitations of the day. Libra you make gains by going with emotion of the mind and Scorpio you experience a spiritual and emotional day that sees you letting go. Sagittarius you benefit by staying grounded by accepting some of the surprises you receive in you daily life and Capricorn you benefit by being more spiritual and less material. Aquarius you have a bit of trouble letting go of some of your ideas you hold so dear but that might not be grounded here on earth and Pisces you are advised to structure your time around friends today.

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Mother’s Day is coming up so give Mom the greatest gift possible—the celebration of herself as divined through the stars. Visit http://www.innermakeup.net/contact-me to book a session. Use special offer code “MOON” to get 20% off any reading for Mom.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Friday 4/19/2019


Friday April 19—You square off against partners today but you actually do better to let the matter go and choose love instead. Remember it’s Venus Day. Aries this is especially difficult for you and Taurus you might experience some disruption around this. Gemini you are not so worried about this as you’re in your creative groove and Cancer you get caught in the middle of others’ battles. Leo you do best to use your reasoning to resolve this issues and Virgo you experience this skirmish amongst your siblings. Libra you benefit financially by looking into the motivations of business partners and Scorpio you are especially emotional today but you have good fortune with this. Sagittarius early in the day you can achieve balance rather than diving deep. Capricorn you experience some tension in manifesting balance but this becomes easier as the day goes on and Aquarius you experience some good fortune with a change in your career. Pisces this is the last chance to make some judgments regarding your health and daily life.

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Mother’s Day is coming up so give Mom the greatest gift possible—the celebration of herself as divined through the stars. Visit http://www.innermakeup.net/contact-me to book a session. Use special offer code “MOON” to get 20% off any reading for Mom.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Thursday 4/18/2019

Thursday April 18—You’ve achieved a harmonious balance of emotions and conscious thought processes. Now you have a chance to dance. So often is creative spirit pushed aside for the humdrum of daily life but you have good fortune when you make this an emotional and spiritual priority. Aries you dance with your brothers and sisters and Taurus you surprise people with your jovial spirit. Gemini this upbeat, childlike, spirit comes naturally to you and Cancer you’re exalted as you feel the beat. Leo self-expression comes naturally amongst your friends and Virgo you have to understand that balance is key for you, especially in the area of earning income. Libra you achieve the emotional balance you’ve been seeking and Scorpio you have good fortune being the deeply emotional self that you are. Sagittarius you benefit from using this jovial spirit to exchange higher minded ideals amongst friends and Capricorn hidden fun is available to you as long as you look for it and Aquarius you benefit from engaging a more balanced as opposed to futuristic approach to your thinking. Pisces you’ll need to adjust your thinking to get out of the hazy fog of your current spiritual state.

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Mother’s Day is coming up so give Mom the greatest gift possible—the celebration of herself as divined through the stars. Visit http://www.innermakeup.net/contact-me to book a session. Use special offer code “MOON” to get 20% off any reading for Mom.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Sunday April 14


Sunday April 14—There’s no stopping you today. The heavens are on fire so shine the most possible light you can. The sun the moon and grand Jupiter all come into alignment indicating massive expansion, fiery assertiveness, and dramatic leanings. As Sunday is the sun’s day, this bodes well for your overall success. This will be one of the fieriest times of the year so make the best of it!

Welcome To Moon Messages For Saturday April 13


This will be a dramatic weekend, and you generally have good fortune with this although there may be some disruptive unexpected surprises along the way. Aries your driving aggressive energy will turn to a more expressive and romantic stance that opens your heart and Taurus you feel an urge to sing and dance around the house—go for it. Gemini your communication takes on a more theatrical tone than usual possibly amongst your siblings and Cancer you’re reaping the rewards from your insistence that you stay home. Leo you’re in your element this weekend, basking in your radiant glory and Virgo you need to make sure you take care of your spiritual need to be the center of attention. Libra you are the center of attention with your friends this weekend and Scorpio you step out of the shadows, your usual zone, and come to the fore of you career life even though it’s the weekend. Sagittarius you’re feeling philosophical but you do better when you live out your philosophical leanings rather than pondering the world’s mysteries and Capricorn you’re going to need to adjust some contracts this weekend, although you do well with this. Aquarius this is the weekend your partner will be in a romantic mood, so go with it and Pisces take some dramatic steps to make sure your health is in line.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Friday April 12


Friday April 12—The tension you felt yesterday that demanded you protect and nurture yourself has somewhat abated today with Venus ruling the day and casting beautiful, flowing aspects to the moon. There is still a need to allow past structures to fall by the wayside while building new structures that better serve. This is the challenge—feeling the future while having the discipline to construct it. But it’s Venus Day. Let go, take care of yourself, and let the chips fall where they will.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Thursday April 11


Thursday April 11—It’s Jupiter Day so the weather is expansive and fiery. There is a conflict between the need to charge ahead and the need to recharge. You have good fortune and make gains when you focus on home as it’s unclear how the fire helps at this moment. You become exalted by dowsing the fire though every ounce of your being suggests otherwise. Aries this is especially difficult for you. Taurus you won’t have much trouble wrapping your mind around this. Gemini it is important you value this message and you make financial gains by sitting on the sideline and Cancer you’ll have no problem demanding a stay at home. Leo it is especially important you heed this message as you might find yourself in a compromised health position. Virgo focusing on home means focusing on friends, and they nourish you. Libra by finding your home space in your career and protecting yourself you are able to triumph. Scorpio travelling to foreign lands, be it in your mind or in reality, ironically helps ground you. Sagittarius the sex act itself is deeply transformative for you and helps ground you. Capricorn your partner or spouse will aid and protect you; just go home. Aquarius you have such a strong mind and unique visions, but health takes precedent. Take the time to nourish yourself. Pisces romance is the way to go as far as nourishing your soul.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Wednesday April 10


Wednesday April 10—There’s no way around it; today is a more tense day and this tension is confusing, expansive, and at the forefront of your thinking. You’re empowered to go your own way. The best way to handle this energy, as it’s Mercury Day, the day of thinking and communicating, is to adjust readjust the structures that aren’t working for you and build structures anew. What does that mean specifically for your sign? Aries you do best to go your own way, which you usually do regardless, but make sure to consult wise counsel in your efforts. Taurus you have good luck with a deeply transformative sexual encounter though there will be the inevitable polarization that comes with such a charged event. Gemini your mind is in overdrive today so make sure to suspend your overactive mentality and let go a bit through meditation. Cancer you have good fortune to pay attention to what you’re thinking as opposed to what you’re feeling lest you run the risk of undoing yourself. Leo you do well amongst your peers but they might confuse you and want to spar. Virgo you’re more communicative a bit in your career space but this creates tension at home and with your partner. Libra you’re thinking about a vacation but for now the daily humdrum takes precedent. Scorpio it’s deep dark passion as usual and you make gains here as long as you stay fixed while you regenerate. Sagittarius you’re frustrated with a glib partner but you win when you let go of this tug of war. Capricorn the moon today isn’t all together bad for you as long as you adjust to a more active mentality and let your ambition take a back seat. Aquarius you need to wrap your mind around your creative, ambitious visions and make the change necessary to have your future visions come into reality. Pisces it’s ok to bring the confusing spiritual mysteries you’re experiencing into a newfound philosophy of your mind.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Tuesday April 9


Tuesday April 9—A childlike aggression emerges today as it’s action-oriented Mars Day and Mars links up with the emotive, feeling moon. There is an opportunity to heal some painful wounds by allowing your inner child to come out, but the harder task is letting go of pain that holds you back. Only through love is this possible, and it is here you truly find good fortune.

Welcome To Moon Message For Monday April 8


Monday April 8—On any given day, the moon is a third of the story of the sky, the other two parts being the sun and the Eastern horizon. Today you’ll be feeling much relief from some of the structures that have been changing in your life, as you’re letting go and adjusting to a more optimistic outlook. Aries will experience this most acutely in your money and career and Taurus has an opportunity to grow yourself and expand your horizons. Gemini needs to realize the weeds that are growing in the form of secret enemies and nip them in the bud and Cancer is able to build social networks as long as old relationships are let go. Leo starts to see the flowering of some nice career advancements and Virgo sees a boon in travel plans. Libra is able to successfully negotiate contracts around a home improvement and Scorpio is able to enjoy the fruits of a relationship or partnership. Sagittarius is flying this year but needs to acknowledge tendencies towards reckless spending and Capricorn loses herself in a much-needed romantic fling. Aquarius needs to change his mind towards the spiritual especially as it relates to long term ambitions and Pisces has a chance to build and stay grounded in her spirituality that is her natural state.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Sunday April 7


Sunday April 7— You have good fortune in the week ahead, but only when you realize it’s a process of building over time. Since yesterday, you’re just beginning to harness that which is taking shape, the seed bursting and flower blooming in its infancy. This process will reach its most fortunate time for you by mid-week next week around Tuesday. Get building, but only in in the proper time it takes. Or else you run the risk of rash moves that will undercut your progress.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Saturday April 6


Saturday April 6— Usually Saturday is the day for resting and even connecting with departed loved ones, but the moon is in her happiest place—the sign of Taurus where she can build and grow the treasures of the earth. What do you have the opportunity to grow today?

Aries: You have a great chance to grow your money. Consider some reasonable long term risks with your money.

Taurus: Invest in your self-worth and growth today.

Gemini: Quiet the mind and meditate; though you possess enviable cognitive abilities, the mind can play tricks on you.

Cancer: Invite your friends over to your house; they’ll appreciate all you have to offer.

Leo: Though it’s the weekend, you can make some moves career wise even though everybody else works for the weekend.

Virgo: This is a great, spiritual day for you to build on.

Libra: This is the day to construct some new contracts that will help you better intersect with the resources of others.

Scorpio: Enjoy the fruits of your partners’.

Sagittarius: Focus on building out your health to improve your overall daily conditions.

Capricorn: With all of the changes you’ve been going through the past couple of years, focus on romance and your children to get your mind off yourself.

Aquarius: This weekend is a great time to build on your home, and realize it will take time to construct your future vision.

Pisces: Cat got your tongue? You have a great chance to use your words in a grounded, fixed way, especially with siblings.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Thursday April 4

Thursday April 4—As it’s Jupiter’s day and things are bursting into spring, you’re on fire. The only thing that’s tense about this is your mind that is still scattered from Mercury Retrograde and fear of change. But how and where can you ride the fire?

Aries: Well, you yourself are on fire so there’s no stopping you even if I told you to.

Taurus: Though you like to stay situated where you are, and for good reason, you have good fortune when you rush to a retreat be it a spiritual getaway or much needed meditation.

Gemini: You’re being driven crazy but holding too many ideas at once, so get outside yourself and connect with friends.

Cancer: This is the day to take some risks in your career.

Leo: Expand your horizons today, either by traveling or daydreaming about a vacation.

Virgo: Instead of overthinking the contracts you have set up with your partners, assert yourself and demand what is rightfully yours.

Libra: Relationships and partnerships are on fire, but you do best when you let go and let things flow from your end.

Scorpio: Usually I don’t recommend bringing out your sting, Scorpion, but some co-workers have it coming. Work your magic from behind the scenes to regulate to take care of what needs to happen.

Sagittarius: You’re also on fire, but in the area of romance. Let love burn.

Capricorn: You like the stability of all things earthy, but you’re feeling the urge to take a hammer to your home and make some changes. Do it.

Aquarius: You base driving life force is to be much more scientific and detached. But today let the fire come off your tongue and assert yourself.

Pisces: You make gains when you get out of your fluid nature and charge ahead on land.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Wednesday April 3


Wednesday April 3—Today is a very fluid, creative, communicative day as its Mercury’s day, the planet of thought and communication. Yet Mercury is still in a hazy state traversing the waters of Pisces. Your thoughts as well as your feelings are unclear and diffuse, and there is a sweetness to this, and it shows up in the way you communicate. Where though? This hits each sign differently. Aries: spirituality and retreat. Taurus: Friends and social networks. Gemini: Career. Cancer: Travel. Leo: contracts. Virgo: partnerships. Libra: health and daily conditions.

Scorpio: romance and children. Sagittarius: home. Capricorn: siblings. Aquarius: money. Pisces: yourself.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Tuesday April 2


Tuesday April 2—Raargh! It’s Mars Day. Mars is considered a malefic planet. It can indicate aggression, war, destruction, and enslavement. I’ve long held along the lines of what the Greek astrologers believed that the best manifestation of Mars is in your everyday—health, coworkers, and daily conditions. What requires your attention for that which you need to take up arms? Pick your battles wisely for when you come to an answer there’s no stopping you. Thankfully Mars is in a less weakened state than in the past couple of months, so the actions you take will go further. You best chance is to “use your words” as Mars has moved into the sign of Gemini, the sign of communication. Be bold in what you have to say, but be heroic. Skirmishes don’t help, and you win when the fire on your tongue is tailored to what you’re truly wanting.

Welcome To Moon Message For Monday April 1


Monday April 1— What a wonderful way to start the week. Mercury had gone direct i.e. is no longer retrograde. While you’ll still be mentally moving through murky waters, you have good fortune when you feel the sweetness of the future. This is belief stuff, and they sky gives this to you. As it’s April Fool’s Day, have a bit of fun playing the trickster, and be pleasantly surprised about where you may end up down the road. Capricorn, you make gains here as long as you allow change to occur in your sometimes conservative ways, and Aquarius you feel natural envisioning the future as it’s your natural mode. Pisces you need to be a little more scientific and rational about your future but you’re feeling the most spiritual that you have in a long time which is a good place to be; you can combine science and spirituality. Aries though you’re a very self-oriented sign, you make gains with friends and social networks, and Taurus, you do well to feel what kind of future you want for your career. Gemini you might be tempted to make travel plans, but I’d wait on that for a couple of months. Cancer you’re advised to think about how you might restructure some contacts down the road, and Leo you do best to envision what kind of future partnerships will benefit you. Virgo you naturally fret over the minutiae of your daily life but getting your head around where you want to be rather than where you are now is the way to go. Libra, you have ample energy available to create the future you want, and Scorpio, you’re envisioning how you want your home life to be. Sagittarius you’re doing great this year, and you can do even better by doubling down on the plans you have for the future.

Welcome To Moon Messages For Sunday 3/31


Sunday 3/31—There’s not much going on in the sky today, a welcome respite from all the planetary activity that’s been happening. You’re struggling to integrate your ambitions with your deeper spiritual core and you might have some disruption in the security you’ve enjoyed and its need to change in order for you to move on. You have good fortune when you ponder the changes you’re undergoing, and you’ll feel a tension between your logical mind and the fluid, loving emotions that you’re feeling. Have a good top of your week, as this one starts off on a more relaxed note.